22 February 2012

Quilted Spiral Notebook Cover

It does seem to me a little silly to spend so
much on that "perfect" journal when it's really
what you write in it that makes it special. 
However, I am just as much a sucker for a
beautiful writing book as the next person.

Recently, I found myself looking at a large
selection of journals...yet, nothing looked special.
Nothing appeared inspiring.
 (I know--as if a special book is all it will take to create/write great things!).

So, I did what any crafter does when 
she can't find what she wants. 
I made it.  

The quilted cover protects and hides a simple
10-cent spiral notebook. 
Ponytail holder/button combo keeps
everything tightly inside.

Pockets on each "sleeve" can hold pens,
extra papers, pictures, receipts, etc.
This first one is pretty simple...
but it has me thinking.


Katy Cameron said...

Yup, looks great! I will need to get something sorted out for my Sewing Summit and Fat Quarterly Retreat journals, but they're ages away yet (who bets it's a week before the FQ one before I remember again?!)

Debbie said...

Very cute fabric...you scored another hit!

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

That is so pretty. You are so right, when a crafter can't find something - She makes it! So funny!
Just followed you :)
Would love a follow back.
Sherry's Bees Nest

Gmama Jane said...

I love your notebook and when I see your Bible open next to it, I learn a lot more about you as a person! I am now following you and like what I see!! I'm even following you via email that way I won't forget. I only do that for those blogs I know I will read on a regular basis. BTW, it seems we have a love of snow. Where do you live? I am originally from West Virginia where I had lots of snow growing up. I now live in Alabama, the heart of Dixie, where even a snowflake causes dire panic. I am so in love of snow and miss it SEW much!! Enjoy some snow for me when you have it.
Gmama Jane

Julie said...

I am inviting you come and be part of my blog hop:

Brittany said...

LOVE this! Just beautiful!

Toodie said...

Great idea! Beautiful, reuseable, and has a pocket. Can't wait to see what you're thinking of next.

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