13 February 2012

A Snowy Market Monday

Yay!  We finally got a measureable amount of
snow last night!  I've been out in it, just breathing
it in, listening, feeling it hit my face.  I needed that.

Not much of a Market Monday today but
I'm okay with that.  I still got a lot of things
accomplished last week. 

I finished those 2 quilts, and that's pretty big already.

I made myself a "Valentine's" cozy,
just for the heck of it.

I've started a new knitting class--flat gloves.

This my first time working with fingerweight yarn
and I'm enjoying it, especially the pattern as
it develops.  See the little increase in the middle?
That's going to be the thumb.

I've also learned that it's really no fun un-doing
about 250 stitches with that darned yarn. 
Go ahead.  Ask me how I know...
And I've learnd a few new techniques. 

Btw, a follow-up: 
The instructor said my ribbing is fine but I'm doing something with my
tension in going back and forth from knit to purl that's causing one side
 of the stitch to be more loose than the other.  It will block out but I want to
get that  corrected so when I start the other glove, I think I'll go sit in
at the shop so they can watch what I'm doing.
I've also cast on some socks--real ones this time.  

This is the yarn but I'll get a pic of how
it's looking when I have more completed.
Here is the pattern

("Vanilla Socks" -- Ravelry)

I like the idea of a little ribbing on the side
as it says this will keep it from "slouching".
Thought this would be a simple one to just
practice what I've learned and get comfortable.

I haven't gotten to my fabric bowls but I will soon.
For now, I'm just happy with all this
 "accomplishing" going on around here.
I'm off to cut up a few pumpkins that I've
kept "fresh" in the garage, make some pumpkin
bread & to start on some wonderful Wild Rice
Soup for dinner--all while doing laundry.
After that it's knitting or sewing.  I love Mondays!

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Katy Cameron said...

Oh yay, glad you finally got your snow! You've certainly been busy, and sure the shop can stand you a week off :o)

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