06 February 2012

Oh, Why Not?

(Still working on Market Monday--might be late)
Another block of the month popped up
on my reader this morning.

Fresh Poppy Design
I hope I don't have a good case of that "startitis"
that seems to hit so many people at the beginning
of a new year, but I think I'm going to join in
on this one.  Anyone else? 
My Fat Quarter Scrappy Stars will be completed
by then, and I just finished the coins (posting soon).
I also vow to have A Very Merry quilted and bound
before I start.  I will stick to using stash fabrics.
So, yeah.  Here I go! And I'm thinking it would
be a great time to finally haul out my 30's fabrics!
(The Fabric Shop)


Katy Cameron said...

Good luck with it! I've had to call a halt to a couple of prospective things before my head exploded...

Staci Thummel said...

I ADORE the '30s fabrics.

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