10 February 2012

Talking Over Coffee

Grab a cup.  Let's talk.  Just random stuff.
Imagine some old music playing.
(I've got Frank Sinatra Radio playing on Pandora--cuz sometimes I'm
cheesy like that.  Louis Armstrong, Frank, Dean, Bing, Bobby Darrin...)
How would you like your latte?

A nice, easy weekend ahead.
Basketball is now over.
(my son's team--my DH coaches--took 2nd out of the 10 teams in their league. 
 Kind of hard to settle for 2nd, but trying to focus on how incredibly well the played.)
My other son is having a friend over.
We get to enjoy some new furniture in our basement,
which is a really big deal because we've not had
enough seating for ALL of us to watch a movie
together.  The kids end up having to take the floor.
It's so cozy down there now that I'm almost 
looking forward to tornado season.
(you might have to live in KS to understand that one...)

I only WISH that the above pic was recent.
Took it through our front door last year during
an especially fun blizzard. 
Snow days = pajama days at our house, btw.   
However, it's finally starting to feel a little like winter
here.  Cold winds, clouds, a little snow here and there
with more in the forecast.  Not enough to suit me
but it'll have to do.  Makes me feel like knitting!

Speaking of...Knitters, help a sister out here.
Tomorrow is my first of two classes on making
gloves with the flat method.  My "homework"
is to cast on 30 rows of K1, P1.

Sorry for the lousy picture but: 
don't the stitches look kinda...messy?
Is it because I'm flipping back and forth
so much with the K1, P1?  (I would've prefered
K2, P2 but oh, well...)  If I pull it downward, it
looks fine so will blocking fix it then?  I just
don't want to show up with something wrong.

And that little pink "Forget Me Not" thing--
I've had it forever and just started using it.
Should've done that sooner.  I love it.  Wonder
how old it is?  At least 30, if not 40...or more.
Wait a minute...[looking in mirror]...40 isn't old
AT ALL!  Nope!  That's young, right?

What's going on this weekend for everyone?
Fun stuff?  Sports?  Sewing?  Crafting?

I've spent entirely waaay too much of my
Friday on the computer in this coffee shop so
I'd better run!  Hope you're weekend is great!


Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

First, your stitches don't look wonky at all - the tension appears to be even - but the color work above just above the solid section is playing a trick on your eyes... that's all.

I'm going to be attacking my youngest's room with a hazmat suit and some Hefty bags but afterwards, I'm spending the weekend getting tangled up in my yarn. I've got a shawl to finish and some granny squares to edge and join.

Katy Cameron said...

I shall be nursing my tonsillitis and sewing...

Enjoy your weekend!

Laura said...

I've been following your blog for a while. Enjoy your projects!
Today I had my house to myself all day. What a luxury! I worked on a throw I am making from recycled sweaters. I would love some advice if you get a chance to take a look. http://ohsewthrifty.blogspot.com/2012/02/progress.html

annemarie said...

Wish we were neighbors - would love to have coffee with you. I actually think Kansas would be a great place to live - not the extreme weather from where I grew up (Minnesota) and where I live now (Texas)! I sure do miss basements - no basements in Tx.

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