07 February 2012

Finished: Pocket Change

Because the coins are all scrap fabrics,
I'm calling this one Pocket Change.
50" X 65" (approx)

I got a lot of practice making those vines.  I've
used vining leaves on other quilts but only in a
straight line on sashing and borders.  This was my
first time using it as a filler so it took a little
"thinking ahead".  I also had to practice
making them upside down and sideways.

The Warm Up!
Some are not so hot...but that's ok.  This project
is just for practice and scrap-busting.  And, 
"loosening" up can bring out the artist, right? 
(We'll keep an eye on that progress...)

I think it turned out okay.  Some are great, some are
not-so great, but it's done and I feel a little more
like finishing a couple UFO's.  Looking forward
to a productive week! 

Random stuff:
Oh--yes.  It's been snowing lightly for a good
hour now...not sticking as it's too warm.  Bummer.

Guess what I'm actually quilting now!?
YES!  I want it done by the end of the day!

Question:  How do you machine quilt?
Go at it while you've got the rhythm?  Or take
constant breaks to re-set yourself (and stretch!)?


Debbie said...

Love the name! And the quilt turned out wonderful with all those vines and leaves. You did a super job. I think it is great.
I take frequent breaks about every 15 minutes. Stretch the neck and rotate the shoulders to prevent cramps.
you are on a roll.

Katy Cameron said...

Yay, glad you finally got the coins finished and that you got started on that poor Christmas mini at last ;o)

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