02 February 2021

2021 Tuesday To-Do #4

A happy February Tuesday to you all.

My first order of business today is more housekeeping:
I'm still getting a few comments that I can't reply to
but I do see them!  So, to answer to a couple questions:

My Pumpkin Patch quilt is from the pattern
Hocus Pocus by The Pattern Basket.

Pine Tree Lane is from Peppermint Pines
by EricaMade and can be found here

Okay, time to check in on last week's progress.
"Slow and steady as she goes" is the theme!
 A little here and a little there adds up!

1) Snowflake quilt:  Cut everything out

I'm still waiting on two green fabrics to arrive
but everything else is done.  

I have just 48 pieces 
left out of 1200 so, in my mind,
I can go ahead and check this off.  There are other
issues to note for this quilt so if you are considering
this please see my post from yesterday:

2)  HST's:  keep going
Over 340 of these

Finished sewing another set.  Only one left.

3) Knitting:  work on scarf 
I'm creeping along but at least I'm creeping.

4) Think on contest entry & get required fat quarter

I wasn't sure which fabric my stash would match
best so I grabbed both.  (Maybe I'll make two?)

As it turns out, my stash helps me very little with
either so I'll likely have to make another LQS run.
For the actual quilt, I have narrowed it down to
three options.  More on this project next week.

5) Finish blog housekeeping
The pages are up to date at least.  I want to
get them cleaned up and all projects linked to
their respective posts but a person could spend
all day doing this stuff.  I'd rather sew.  This will
just be an on-going thing from here on out.
At least everything is there.

Another squirrel sneaked in.
It's supposed to be 12X12--mine is 12X13.
Not sure what happened but I like it that way.
I'm trying to do more minis so this, along with the
other 3 Valentine's projects, has me achieving that
goal fantastically early.  I've mailed this one off to my
aunt/Godmother as a surprise.  Why send a card
when we've got skillz? 

Fabric tracking
(purchased v used)
Balance forward:  + 24 / -1.25
This week:  +1 / -9
Total:  +25 -10.25

I did better this week--now to keep improving!

The week ahead looks a little busy so I'm
keeping it light.   

1) Snowflake quilt:  Make 2 blocks

2) Charity quilt contest:  finalize quilt(s);
start getting fabrics lined up.

3) Make a simple fabric tracking spreadsheet
One month in and I already hate the math.
'Nuff said.

Best wishes for a productive week to all!
Happy quilting!


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your heart mini is wonderful! It's always good when we can change up a pattern a bit and say we made it our own! Looks like your Snowflake quilt is moving along in the right direction - good luck figuring it all out.

Frédérique said...

Well done with your list! Cute and colorful fabrics, and this heart is beautiful.

Bonnie said...

Eh I hate the math too but I do use a spread sheet. But I double chec all math functions from the spread sheet with my calculator. Math is NOT my subject. Tour heart is wonderful. I’m sure your aunt will love it. Great job on checking off those goals. On to next week!

Debbie said...

Love the new valentine project...very good. The snowflake is beautiful project, but I think you are the bravest to tackle it!

chrisknits said...

I can send you my Numbers file for tracking projects, but it would likely give you a headache!! LOL Great progress, you must have a sore hand from all that cutting!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Cheree! I love that background picture of the snow. I assume you got a little bit from the latest storms that have pushed through. Your Valentine heart project looks spiffy and reminds me that I have a little project to quickly quilt myself. 'Tis the season to have it finished, out, and enjoy it. Great job on your list and thanks so much for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

piecefulwendy said...

I think I missed a post while I was gone over the weekend, so I'll have to go check on that. You have been busy again. Now that you have your housekeeping done, you want to do mine? Both computer and house? Haha! Glad you got that little goodie sent off - I know she'll love it!

Carol Andrews said...

What a great list for both last week and this week. Good luck and keep up the good work on the housekeeping chores 😉

Needled Mom said...

That heart is the best thank you gift! It is beautiful. I’m looking forward to those snowflakes. That will be a stunning quilt. I’ve never tried to keep track of fabrics, but it sounds like a nightmare.

Kate said...

The heart is lovely and looks just fine even if you didn't get the size quite right. I love the Snowflake quilt. I'll enjoy watching your version come together, maybe that will keep it off my list for the moment. Happy stitching this week.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like how you quilted the heart mini.

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