23 February 2021

2021 Tuesday To-Do #7: Short and Sweet

Being gone all weekend, I wasn't able to
check much off the list but here it is:

1) Snowflakes:  Complete 3 or more blocks

Ten completed, six to go.

2) HST's:  start on St. Pat's projects.

Since my Valentine's placemats were still out, 
replacing those was my first order of business. 

These scrappy green HST's are leftovers from the
Irish chain quilt I made last year.  Like my other mats,
these are extra-small.   I wanted them pretty neutral
(no clovers, leprechauns or other shenanigans)
so that they'll work after St. Patrick's Day.

3) Knitting: make progress
(Incidentally, I noticed that when I linked up my
Irish chain quilt, there was my current knitting
project--a whole year ago.  Yes, I'm cringing.)

4) Baby quilts: maybe start cutting out?

Flying out Thursday night and getting back late
Sunday left very little time for sewing.
Even with a couple nopes, I'm happy with my
progress.  And anyway, we were with family
celebrating my FIL's 70th birthday which,
as we all know, only comes once in a lifetime.

It seems like things just never slow down but
the week ahead is actually looking fairly open.  
Can this be?   Is someone messing with me?
Who's pulling my thread?

1) Snowflakes:  Finish last 6 blocks.

2) HSTs:  More green projects.

3) Knitting: some solid progress
(This needs to get done!)

4) Baby quilts:  get started already!

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Happy quilting!


Michele McLaughlin said...

Great progress on what you did get done! There is always more time to finish quilts. Birthdays are more important to celebrate! Have a great day!

Debbie said...

Snowflakes are looking great! You have made good progress I think.

piecefulwendy said...

Hope you enjoyed celebrating over the weekend! I'm still really liking those blocks!

Frédérique said...

Lovely Snowflakes blocks! You did great with your list.

chrisknits said...

Looks like a lot was accomplished for being gone! Love the placemats!! Good luck with your list this week and thanks for linking up today!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Keep going on those snowflakes! 😉 I really like your March tabletopper - great way to use up more leftover HSTs!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Cheree! I'm so glad you were able to celebrate your FIL's 70th with him. You're ahead of your goal for the snowflakes! And I'm glad you clarified your St. Patrick's Day project - I was wondering if the green wasn't showing up or what. I'm all for the multi-purpose placemats and no shenanigans! I hope the week ahead does slow down for you! ~smile~ Roseanne

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Those birthdays are special.

Needled Mom said...

Those snowflake blocks are stunning! You’re moving quickly on them. Happy special birthday to your FIL.

Rebecca Grace said...

I think you accomplished a lot this week, especially considering you weren't home the whole time. I am loving your snowflake blocks -- and I'm so glad you were able to celebrate this milestone birthday with family.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Your snowflake quilt is coming along so pretty. you are doing a great job. It appears that it is really best made with Paper piecing and I do not do PP. Thx for sharing! Hugs

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