OMGoal and Tuesday To Do: A Complete Top!

Oh the triumph of a completed quilt top!
And some more than others.
Every quilt has its story.

It's finally Tuesday!  My main goal for this day's link up was
to have the center of my quilt pieced.  The "maybe" was
getting the borders on and think about backing.

This is the WORST lighting but it's the only place I could get it
all in.  It's VERY windy out.  See other pics for true colors.

Well, hoorah, I got it all done.  Even the backing!
It's currently laying out on the long-arm for loading.
It is a good, good week, my quilty friends.

(laying on my ironing board so you see those fabrics through the white)

Getting all the blocks finished was actually my monthly
goal for June so I think did very well there!
My One Monthly Goal for July is to
completely finish it.

"Scattered and Sewn" 85 X 108

I've decided to call it "Scattered and Sewn."
(misspelling intended, of course)
I like how even though the blocks are scattered,
they're all still connected by that chain.

I also wanted to get 4 Farmer's Wife blocks done:
I'm still working on those 4 but don't have a pic.

And I was to think about my next quilt project.
I've been looking all around for a yellow background
for my nine-patch but still have come up empty.
This is probably a good thing because I really need
to make a West Point throw-sized quilt first.
More on that project in a bit.

Next week's goals?

1) Quilt, label and bind Scattered and Sewn.
A complete finish by this time next week?
I think I can, I think I can...

I usually go through and trim what might unraveling threads might
show through but even then, by the time I get it loaded, there
are likely going to be more with this one.  And there is a lot of
white on this quilt!  If there's a magic trick, I'd like to know it.
When it's real bad, I try to double-check during the entire
quilting process as it gets rolled up.
This will be one of those times.

2) Farmer's Wife:  Two more.
I will also have pics of this week's 4 when
they're done.

3) Start on next quilt:
I have a little yardage of special-made West Point
prints that I want to highlight a few quilts to sell.

A few months ago while playing around,
came up with a couple random ideas.

I love most of this and all the action going on
but those smaller stars inside the bigger ones
have me hesitating.  I don't know what I would
change though.

I just came across this one this morning.  On here,
I took the time to sort-of copy one of the fabrics
and put it in the actual design.  I still have a lot
of my scraps from my son's West Point quilt:

I should be able to get some from there to save time.

I'm also thinking about making some WP table runners.
I've lost track of where this pic came from but my
best guess is from Martingale Press.  I'll look that up
soon and edit if I find it.
It drew my attention because of the colors but it's
just an idea of what I might do.

4) Recover iron surface.

(This isn't even the worst spot!)

Oh my goodness I have put this off long enough.
All that starch I've been using on the Farmer's Wife
blocks is only adding to the problem.
I keep thinking I'll do these by elastic one
of these days so I can wash them but I'm kind of
enjoying the new look about once a year.

5) Get some sleep
(I just go through these lousy phases)
And now I'm kinda laughing because I just made
a nice big list of to-do's and ended it with
"get some sleep".  This, my quilty friends, sums
me right up.  So much to do, so little time.

What did you all get done this week?

Happy qui----WAIT!
How can I possibly end without a pic
of the growing chicks?!?

They're almost two weeks old and the change is huge.
Tail feathers, wings and double in size!
All they do is eat and...well, you know!

And that means more work for me but so far, it's fun.
Now to add more things to my list, I need to give the 
large coop a thorough cleaning and start moving
 some chicks to the brooder out there.
Doing just a few at a time could avoid a disaster
should either flock be carrying any disease.  These are
clearly the happiest, healthiest chicks I've ever raised
but there's a little concern with my current flock.
They have always been fine but you just. never. know...
and I just had a funny little vision of all of them all,
young and old, wearing masks!  Ha!

Okay, now happy quilting!
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Joyful Quilter said…
Hmmmm, why do I think goal number 5 isn't going to happen? Your Scattered and Sewn looks great, I didn't realize how big it is from just the pictures. Are you going to quilt it with a panto or custom?

The chicks are very cute.
Vicki in MN said…
A job well done above and beyond your goal! Just keep on like the little engine that could and you will meet next week's too. So are you raising the chicks for eggs?
Debbie said…
Finally! It looks good, know you are relieved to be at this point. You have lots of ideas and plans for this summer.
Danette said…
Your quilt top is lovely and I love the chicks, too!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! The chicks ARE getting so darn big. Geez - in just two weeks. I love, love, LOVE all the ideas for the WP quilts and I also think the runner would go over well. I've been meaning to make/buy a new ironing board cover - they aren't hard to make, I imagine, but buying one is just so much easier. Finally, Scattered and Sewn is fabulous. Just fabulous. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne
Patty said…
Beautiful quilt top! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.
Hooray for a completed quilt top! And it's beautiful, too. Best of luck on this week's list!
piecefulwendy said…
Well done on your week! The quilt is so pretty with all those blocks dancing across the surface. I love the name too. That ironing surface looks pretty good compared to mine, which is long overdue for a change. Those chicks are so cute, but I'm sure they are a lot of work. Enjoy!
Your ironing board looks much better than mine does. Mine is shredding, and I haven't had time to recover it.