23 June 2020

Good Morning, Tuesday To-Do'ers!

Around here, harvest came and went very quickly.
The wheat was so tall and beautiful
(no heavy storms or hail to lay it down)
that I hated to see it go--but I also know the feeling
of getting it all taken care of and in the books.

Last week my big to-do was to finish all
the blocks on my 30's quilt.

This was easily enough done so I moved right
on to the sashing, which meant LQS visits.

Sadly, this green was all I came up with.
(I think God was telling me I have enough fabric!)

When I got home, I interviewed the green fabric
and just gave it the job.  Enough delay!

Here is where I am at this morning.
The two columns are the right look a little shorter because
I've begun sewing them together.  Everything else is
still a block with two sides of sashing attached.

And my Farmer's Wife blocks for the week?
I skipped them and made a chef's hat for my
grandson instead.   I'm going to have to make
up for that, though!

Next week's list:

1) 30's quilt:  Finish entire center; pick out borders
and get them on.  Maybe even work on the backing.

2) Farmer's Wife:  two four <cringe> blocks

3) Start choosing/planning next quilt
I've been practicing some serious restraint but
oh my gosh I'm so ready for fall quilts!
I'm always nuts about fall but this year the "fever"
hit me earlier than ever.  I think with such a long, mild
spring it was even harder for me to adjust to summer.
I know summer technically JUST started.
I love pool time, 4th of July celebrations and the
lazy days of summer (whatever those are!)
so I can't say I'm in a huge hurry for fall.
I'm just dreaming ahead--that's perfectly acceptable.
In fact, it's necessary when you are a quilter.

Onto other things around here:

The baby chicks arrived!!

It's always an adventure!  I picked them up bright and
early at the post office; not many get a ride in a
 fast black sports car but mine certainly do! 

It's common to get an extra one or two tossed in
but we got three!
I already thought ordering sixteen was overdoing it!

But I do love the little things and I'm hoping to get a little
more time with this batch, trying to get them more
used to me so they'll not be afraid.  I've only been able
to do a minimal amount of this with previous chicks so,
while they weren't necessarily afraid of me, none have ever
let me easily pick them up or hopped onto my lap--yet.

Above they have a supplement of oregano tea and chopped
herbs that have various healthy properties for new ones.

Hubs built me this fantastic brooder--more suitable
for summer temps than the large bin I was using.
Basically the whole thing sits down on top of this
old kitchen "bar" table that is on wheels.
I can place the cage part on the grass or wheel
the whole thing outside--both ways to get some
fresh air and sun.

Pictures from Cacklehatchery.com

If you are a chicken person here is what I ordered:
3 Cuckoo Marans (4 arrived)
3 French Copper Marans
3 Easter Eggers
3 Olive Eggers
3 Golden Comets
1 Dark Brahma Rooster
There is also a light gray and a pale yellow that
arrived--it remains to be seen what these are but
I'm having a lot of fun with the mystery.
I've already named them Anastasia and Anne Shirley.
My personal opinion is that the real Anastasia was killed
with her family (super-sad story) but I felt both names fit
the misplaced-littles.  As long as neither is another rooster!
Then we would have more of a problem than a name!

If you follow me on Instagram, I've been posting daily
videos of them--it's crazy how fast they grow!

Now for some garden updates:

Acorn and butternut squash.

Yellow and zucchini.

Eggplant and tomatoes.
Now, if we can coordinate the zucchini,
yellow squash, eggplant, tomatoes and onions,
it will be time for some ratatouille--the flavor will
be so worth all of this homegrown effort!

I dug the first potatoes--fingerlings.
I roasted them up within hours of digging and 
they were amazingly sweet--not really a flavor
I like in veggies but I can really appreciate it;
I think most people like it, though.
Sweet can always be countered with salty,
which is exactly what I did:  
garlic-infused olive oil, herbs and sea salt.

Peppers are beginning to show on most of the 28 plants.
I love growing and cooking with all kinds!
One of my favorite pepper-things to do is to freeze
slices of green pepper and onions together for Philly
Cheesesteak sandwiches or add in multi colors of
peppers for a fajita pack.  Stuff like that comes in
really handy on a fall or winter day when you'd rather
be quilting than cooking up in the kitchen.
I recommend vacuum-packing those.

With mostly rain in the 10-day forecast, I made
the decision to plant the pumpkins and gourds about
two weeks early.  Getting them in before this rain should
give them a huge boost but there is now the chance some
of the fruits will not make it through Halloween and to
Thanksgiving.  Still, it's an easy enough chance to take.
Didn't I say I am always ready for fall?
If little orange orbs of happiness start showing up
in late August or September, I'm sure not gonna be
upset.  I will love and adore them as always.

And now this post has gone on long enough!
(Posting only twice a week will do that!)
How was everyone else's week?

Happy quilting!
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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have never been good at growing veggies - I don't know why - I can have flowers but my veggies never produce it seems - I do get tomatoes and that is about it. Love seeing your baby chicks

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Cheree! Wow, your garden has really been booming. Look at all the wonderful veggies. It makes my mouth water to see all of them especially the green peppers. YUM! I think that green sashing is the perfect choice for your 30s quilt. It really is coming together so nicely - you'll be on to those Fall projects before you know it. Thank you for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your 30s quilt is beautiful! I've enjoyed seeing it develop in your posts every Tuesday. Your gardening efforts are really amazing, too!

Needled Mom said...

The garden looks fantastic and I loved seeing the new chicks. We haven’t been able to get chicks this year due to an outbreak of Newcastle.

Vicki in MN said...

I am amazed you have veges so big on the vine already. Our cuc's are blossoming and we do have 2 teeny zuch's on now.
We have been eating lettuce but DH had planted it in the house early, then set it out at the right time I guess! You have a very large garden I think. I love making fall table runners and have been starting here and there, not that I am anxious for that time of year already.

Kate said...

The green sashing works really well, even if that wasn't the plan. I'm envious, such a nice haul from your garden. Happy planting and stitching this week and good luck on your to do list.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

The only farmers market I've seen was the one in Missouri, but I didn't thing the veggies would make it almost 500 miles home without getting smooshed. Nothing other than store veggies so far this summer.

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