Farmer's Wife Friday #18 (Amazingly On-Schedule)

Temps have quickly warmed up in Kansas
Any 97-degree day will drive me out of the garden
and back into my pleasantly cool sewing room--and
we've already had too many hot days for my taste,
especially for early June!

Over the last months it has been such a struggle to get
any sewing done so making progress in my current
three projects has me feeling pretty accomplished.
My lattice ombre' quilt is finally getting sorted out!

The blocks are finally done and I should have a top
ready to show soon, though those angles aren't the easiest
to line up.  But I'm on the home stretch and that's a great
place to finally be!  I just have two Farmer's Wife blocks this
week because I want that top finished today, tomorrow...
well, by the end of the weekend at the latest.

Short and sweet, here are the next two:


Nothing special.


This one gave more of a challenge...

a challenge I really enjoyed--just not sure I'd want to do
an entire quilt of them.  Still, it went together pretty well
and now I know I can do it so maybe I would.

~Have a beautiful weekend~
~Cultivate kindness, beginning in our own homes~
~And happy quilting~


Nice blocks. Maybe if the bottom block was paper pieced it might be easier?
Debbie said…
Hot here as well....and too humid. Blocks are looking good!