Happy Tuesday To-Do's

It's Tuesday.  Again.  Already.
Not to sound like a broken record
(does that phrase even get used anymore?)
but where does the time go?!?  Alright.  I know
exactly where it goes. I've been all over the place
lately and very little in the sewing room.

But hey, here I go with my got-done's:

1) Purchase fabrics to finish remaining ombre lattice blocks.

I finally ventured over to the LQS and was able to get
more of the ombre fabrics. Though I just need 5, I picked
up any shade that I didn't already have.
Meaning, I got eight fun colors.

I was in a hurry and figured I would just play
around with them at home.  

Unfortunately I'm still not sure I have what
I need to solve my problem.  I'm struggling to get 5 rows of
4 consecutive hues and I finally just walked away from it all.  
(*Update, later in the day:  I have it figured out now!)

It's a little hard to keep my love for this whole project
from fading away like ombre fabric.  You see, I've also been
struggling with hues in my kitchen where I finally tackled
painting the walls.  I could tell the lighting was going to be
a real problem!  After I applied the first coat--a sage green
that turned very blue on those walls--I see that
I was correct; this ain't my first rodeo, as they say.
For the second coat, I tried a different color.  This
one looks almost yellow sitting on my granite
but turns green on most of the walls.  It is not the
sage I was after but it's pretty and it's going to have
to do.  I have stared at paint swatches off and on (for
about two months) till my eyes have crossed.
I've seen paint do some weird stuff but this one
tops them all.  Enough is enough!

2) Farmer's Wife

The first one has an odd layout but I do like the second block.
It was fun (and easy!) to put together.

If you saw my FW Friday post, you'll know why I flew
through this one, not bothering to make sure things lined
up well and not bothering to fix them when they didn't.
I had a nice package arrive that contained 10 yards
of fabric, most for my next quilt that I really wanted to get
back to working on.  As I said in that post:
sorry-not-sorry this one isn't perfect but it will be forever a
reminder of how I was distracted by the Fabric Squirrel.

And lastly, this next guy who looks much
brighter 😎 here than he really is in person:

I also took the time to update my Farmer's Wife page
(tab above).  I let that slip--oops.  I have a little more
updating to do but at least I have all my blocks there.

3) 30's quilt: cut out all chain blocks and start piecing

I did accomplish this goal but I wanted to get so much farther.
As I said, so many other things going on!

I got 12 blocks made but it seems every time I sit down to
work on this project, something else pulls me away.

4) Evening knitting
Yeah....nothing here.

Okay, moving on to next Tuesday's To-Do's.

(Here comes the personal pep talk)

I am motivated and ready; it will be a good week.
I have so much catching up to do!  I have set my goals
aside for months and it's time to get back to those 
commitments.  Anyone else?  Who's with me?!?

1) Ombre Lattice Quilt:
Figure something out with those fabrics,
make the block and piece the whole top.
I want to start looking for backing but I think
once the top is done, I have to set it aside for a bit
I finish some other more pressing things.

2) Farmer's Wife:  Make blocks 47 & 48.

3) 30's quilt:  Finish all chain blocks.  Maybe get
a start on other blocks using stash but adding in
the fun, new fabric where needed.

Here is my Squirrel Fabric btw.
The orange plaid is for a binding on a vintage Halloween
quilt that I hope to make some day.  Those bottom
two florals--think they'll pass as 30's fabrics?

4)  Put my kitchen back in order.
I'm thinking about doing quilt blocks in frames for
the walls but I'm pretty sure that would mean the 
walls would be blank for months, maybe even years!

Other notes:
I got the last section of newspaper/straw weed barrier
down and the garden is now in a maintaining phase
which, believe me, is plenty.  
We've gotten lots of rain so those few spots where a weed
barrier method isn't practical need immediate attention. 
Unfortunately, the rains seems to be done and now I'm
having to deal with watering.

We've more asparagus than we can eat, though it is starting
to dwindle a little.  We usually keep it pretty healthy but
I made this Ham Asparagus Quiche--it's rich but so good!
I have to make it at least once a season. 
Of course, the flavor is boosted with our own fresh
ingredients:  eggs, asparagus and green onions.

Other farm-fresh things to enjoy?  Mint.  In mojitos.
The blackberries are from last year.  I keep some whole
ones in the freezer for tossing in drinks.  Who needs
ice cubes when you've got frozen blackberries?
The strawberries are dwindling; lettuces still going strong
and I'm picking the first Nappa (Chinese) cabbage today.

And lastly I want to dream look ahead to this beauty:

I can't remember who posted this on Instagram
but I think it was All People Quilt?
I've been dying to make a 9-patch forever. 
I mention it constantly.  This one has stole my
little quilter's beating heart.
(I also love lilacs--sadly, ours froze this spring)
 I am on the hunt for a yellow background and this
WILL be made.  Oh yes--it will be mine.
<maniacal laugh>

And with that, I leave off to go work on all of the things
I said I would get done.  Best wishes to all of you for
a very full, productive week of sewing!
See you Tuesday To-Do'ers next week!
We got this!

Happy quilting!

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Debbie said…
What you have so far with the shades quilt looks great. You put a hard boundary on your plan considering you are trying to substitute fabrics rather than the originals in the pattern. So.....consider a more free style plan rather than be so rigid in 5 rows of 4???? I see red shades, purple, yellow and some green to blue. Try a freer arrangement of the blocks and make it more interesting by not being so concerned with the pattern layout.
I can't copy other people work. I do study Wnada's and Timor Tarr's for inspiration, but in the end it is my expression that works for me.
You have a good sense of what you like, and need to trust your own soul as you play with the layout.
Sorry about the kitchen paint. LOVE your squirrel fabrics! I printed out the quiche recipe. I love quiche, but seldom make it.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Where indeed did the time go??! Your ombre fabrics are just SO gorgeous. I can just feel your frustration through the computer screen. It looks like the yellow and teal/aqua additions will be perfect to your ombre blocks - you need five more, I think? Ten yards of fabrics is quite a distraction - I can see why you wanted to walk away from this whole project for that. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne
Needled Mom said…
As frustrating as it is, I still love that ombré project. Argh! Paints never look the same on walls. It’s so frustrating. I saw that yellow nine patch too. I also fell in love with it. Good luck with it.
dq said…
Oh goodness! I have fallen in love with the blocks on your design wall!!!