19 November 2013

For the Autumn Beauty of the Earth Blocks 10, 11

I'm so glad I decided to capture the season's colors
in a quilt; autumn is fading quickly...
except for the ones on my front porch.

No worries--I'm already eyeing two different 
collections in my winter fabrics.

But let's stay focused here.  I have a deadline!
 I want to have Autumn Beauty finished by
this Thursday, giving us at least a full week to enjoy it
before we start bring out the Christmas decor.

Another very simple one,
Block 10 is the Spinning Star.

Block 11 is Morning Star.

Now I realize that my fabric choices are not
very good here.  If you're new to quilting, notice that 
ALL of the print in these fabrics is similar in size. 
This is pretty much a quilter's no-no but I really 
liked what I saw anyway so I went with it.
And when the sashing came around it later on, 
I was really glad I went with it.  Even though it 
weirds my eyes out a little, the richness of color
in this block makes up for it.  It's a keeper.

 That is just one of the beauties of 
sewing for yourself, you know.  You get to go
against the rules.  
I know.  
I'm a rebel.

Block 12 coming tomorrow.

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Debbie said...

You are on a good roll here. Blocks are great. One block in many that sort of melts into itself will be a resting spot in your quilt :)

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