Here We Go: Block #1

I've been talking about this autumn quilt long enough.
I think I should start sharing while there is still 
some autumn left!

Many of these ideas came from Lynette Jensen's
and the rest I found on the Internet.

As I've mentioned, I really began this by looking for 
Christmas projects.  But I just wasn't ready to
work with Christmas fabric--even though I was 
actually listening to Christmas music 
(a minor technicality)
while I sewed all 12 of these blocks. 
So I hauled out my fall fabrics, pulled out the
scrap basket and went to work.

I chose this first block but made a change.
I have never liked "blocking" something to try
to make it seem curved.   I mean, if it's supposed
to be curved, let's make it curved...and not
some sort of straight-lined illusion.  
Well, anyway, this is just a personal taste thing,
but, as a general rule, I just don't make blocks 
with this type of pattern.
SO I left out some of the piecing in the middle.

The original block is below:

(Hope I'm not getting into copyright issues here so
I'm leaving out any directions & measurements.)

From this, I just decided to use the pumpkins 
as the focus for all the blocks. 
 This is also the only fabric
that is found in every single block.

Block one

Block two tomorrow!

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Emilou said…
Love your quilt block. Love Thimbleberries, and I am lucky to have this book too. Thanks for sharing Blessings and smiles, Emilou