12 November 2013

For the Autumn Beauty of the Earth

In my sewing room, flipping through Pinterest,
it was my intent to start on Christmas gifts.
Nothing was looking promising,
and I kept looking outside.

I was humming Thanksgiving songs,
and Christmas looked too far away.

Why not bring the outside to the inside and
trap it in a quilt?  
(Much more fun than making Christmas gifts at the moment)
I picked a block.  Just one block, and with nothing
else planned, I pieced it together.

...and then I picked another block.
And so it went until I had 12 blocks of autumn 
happiness that I now must have quilted in time 
for Thanksgiving.

Watch for all 12 blocks to show up here
over the next days!

With the hubs off to faraway lands soon, 
I should have time to at least baste all 6 of my WIPs.
Then I get to see how the new machine does at FMQ.

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