What Happened to Sticking to the Plan?

What happened to my plan to get a long arm?
Why didn't it feel like the right thing to do?
(Well, aside from that price-tag...)
It finally occurred to me that, though
 I have space, I am not prepared for it to 
be a permanent fixture in my sun room.
Long-arms are not small, nor are they pretty.
And you can't put them away.
(That's what happens when you pray for help in making a big decision.
As long as you listen, you will get an answer.  It just may not be the 
one you wanted to hear...)

How would that look sitting next to the Christmas tree?
(well, besides as a suprise on Christmas morning!)
So, I put the long-arm back on the shelf.
(literally--I put the brochure on a shelf in my sewing room so I can
stare at it longingly whenever I want)

An upstairs bedroom with a great
view will be vacant eventually...
but I'm in no hurry for my last two kids
 to fly the coop.

In light of this tough decision, my husband
suggested I just go buy a new sewing machine.
(I know, right?!?  He's a keeper!)

Yes, I've been using Old Faithful long enough.

Merry Christmas to me.
Santa comes early to the elves, right?

I'm pretty happy with my new Elna.
Most importantly, it has more space for quilting.
But it has lots of other options that most
of you have enjoyed for years.

It hasn't taken long to get spoiled with these!
Especially the auto thread cutter.  
And the separate bobbin winder.  
(It greatly amuses me that I can push a button and actually walk away 
from my machine while it winds.)
Of course, included are a ton of special stitches--
which I may never use but they're 
pretty standard these days.

One feature that sold me on this Elna is that using 
the foot pedal is not the only option for sewing.
I'm really hoping that being able to control the 
start, stop and speed directly on the machine
will be helpful to machine quilting;
I could even stand up if I wanted better control of the 
quilt, without having to worry about pushing a pedal.

I can't wait to show how I've been
breaking it in.  Just a hint:


Debbie said…
Good for you! A new machine with more space is a good thing. A word of caution if you plan to do free motion.....use the foot pedal. You need your hands on the quilt at all times. Hitting that stop start button will allow the quilt to shift just enough to put "jogs" in your stitching. Ask me how I know :) I am now teaching and don't allow beginners to use those buttons for that reason.
Have fun with your new machine. I've tried machine quilting (free motion) on my regular machine, but, I just can't move the quilt and make it look any good. I've also tried using a long arm, and moving the machine is much better for me. Unfortunately, the cost of the long arm is just too much. I have friends that have sit down, mid arm machines (move the fabric, not the machine) and they like them.