26 October 2013

Have You Seen The Price of Quilting Machines Lately?

Who doesn't want a long-arm?
But have you seen the price tag on those things?

I need some help.

I've always wanted a long-arm quilting machine
but never let the thought go much farther than that.
They're expensive and take up a lot of space.


But you know what?  I've done some hard thinking 
over the last few weeks and I'm pretty sure it's time
to take the big leap.  The kids are getting older,
and I'm getting more serious about quilting.

This set-up is $2600...too little?

Now, sure I'd love a great dreamy machine
but I'm a little more practical than that.  
Where do you start with a "first quilting machine"?
And let's leave out the dreamy ones;
let's say you have a cap of $5K
and would really love to do half that.
Anyone have one they love?
What do you look for?

(Ok, I was going to put a bunch of different machines
in this post but, frankly, I just don't know where to start!)

Used ones seem to be hard to find,
and I think I want the support
that comes with a new one.

DH would like me to find a basic but
nice machine and then later get the frame.
And I'm sure I want a metal frame.

And hey, maybe I'll want the computer
add-on in a few years?


Katy Cameron said...

Hmm, have you thought about going the mid-arm route? It uses the frame idea, but uses smaller machines more like the size of a domestic machine (although a little bigger on the arm). As far as I understand though, it's used in the same way as a long arm after that.

Personally I'd love one, but I have neither the money or the space :o/

Debbie said...

I took the plunge in May and got a Tiara sit down quilter, which is a Handi-quilter made for Babylock. Total cost at that time was $4200....and I will have it paid off in 5 more months.
Go try out the sit down unit and see how you like it. It is smaller than the frame contraption and fits into my sewing room. I do not like the stand behind and guide long arms....cause more arm and shoulder pain for me since I broke my shoulder.
Love my Tiara....whatever you chose be sure you have a dealer who knows what they are doing, as there is a learning curve with these.

SeeingStars said...

Good luck with your search. I thought the same thing about space and money, but began to browse through online ads for used machines. I'm thrilled with mine and love using it for my projects and charity work. I've learned most of my skills from DVDs, online groups and practice. So far, (2.5 yrs) I haven't needed service, just routine maintenance.

Little Pink Rose said...

If you haven't tried stitching on a long-arm before I highly recommend that you go to a quilt show where several dealers have their machines set up and give them all a test drive.

If you've been doing free-motion quilting on your sit-down machine for very long, you will experience a learning curve. Sewing on a sit-down machine is quite different from using a long-arm where you move the machine instead of the quilt...it will take some getting used to.

The true long-arms can't really be used without a frame or a table that's made for it to sit down into so that you have a flat area for moving the quilt.

I'm pretty sure a sit-down machine is the only one that will fit your budget.

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