Halloween Welcome

Welcome to our front porch on 
a rainy fall day.  

As always, I've grown plenty of gourds 
and pumpkins to decorate with.

Warm, cozy tones make up my favorite colors 
so fall has always been my favorite time of year.
Or maybe it's the other way around?

I love the view out of the front door and 
windows of our home.

Rain pouring out of leaf-filled gutters!
Hard to keep up with them at this time of year.

The view out of my sewing room window 
isn't bad either.  

It reminds me of how it used to look
around here when I was little...if I put in a dirt
road instead of the 4-lane paved, take out the 
street signs and some of the power lines...
In the far distance is a creek hidden among the 
trees, along with some very friendly farm 
neighbors--just a few left of an era almost gone.

A very quick post to say
Happy Halloween!
More tomorrow!


Katy Cameron said…
Hmm, a much greener view than I have lol I'd love some of those gourds to cook with!