Scrappy Stars

First, if you wanted to know the pattern of the quilt of my 
last post, the link to the book can be found here.  
The name of the pattern is Double Star Crossing.
(Fyi, Robyn, your email came back undeliverable?)

Now, onto another finish:  Scrappy Stars. 
If you will recall, I did a Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along 
 last year  about 2 years ago (time flies!). 
I think this is the post of when I first started this one, 
and sometime after that I had a full-blown scrap attack 
(still undergoing therapy...)
and just chucked most of what I had.  
(relax, they went to a good place)
I had a rule to use ONLY fabric from my 
overflowing scrap basket. 

This summer, I did finally get it all put together.
I can't say I'm overly fond of a few of those blocks, 
but it is certainly a testament to what one can do 
with just scraps.  This lap-sized quilt is now 
at my mom's house, hopefully giving her some 
comfort as she's struggling to find it these days.


Katy Cameron said…
Aww, sorry to hear about your mum, but hope this helps!
gilly said…
It's just simply beautiful, and I'm sure your mum will treasure it.