22 October 2013

Another Happily Ever After

You know how some projects just keep getting
put aside?  I lost track of how many years ago
I started this one (4?) but it's always been my favorite.
It just pieced together so well, is made up 
of some great fabrics and has a lot of my 
favorite colors.

This is a bit of a double "happily ever after".
A friend of mine, who had been a single mom for 
quite some time, found Mr. Right last year.

Suddenly having a purpose, the ufo came out of 
hiding, had a great time being quilted and
is now sitting happily on the newly-wedded 
couple's bed as an accent quilt.
(it's about 90X62--I forget)
And everyone is living happily ever after. 


Katy Cameron said...

Sounds like a great excuse to finish it to me!

Robyn said...

Excellent finish! What pattern is it?

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Robyn, I was unable to reply to your email (it came back undeliverable) so I hope you get this:
Thank you! It's from Lynette Jensen's Cozy Cabin Quilts "Double Star Crossing". There's a link on this post:

Robyn said...

Thanks Cheree

Robyn said...

I was able to find the book on Amazon

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