27 April 2021

Tuesday To-Do #16: Last Week Freezing, This Week Hot

These Tuesdays sneak up on me sometimes
so this is a quick, barely-edited post this morn.

Sunny and mildCold and freezingSunny and hot!
Now we're in the 80's and the windows are
staying open at night.  Crazy times, crazy times.
The good news is that I have seen very little damage
from the freeze so I'm hopeful our fruit trees will
still produce this year.  Only time will tell.
Speaking of time, let's kick off the list of to-do's
with my hourglass quilt:

Nine-Patch Hourglass
Start quilting; think of a name.
Barely done.

I only have a small start (pic not current) but I 
did get it named.   I think it looks like "attic" colors...
whatever those are.  Antique-like, I guess.  
So, "Time In the Attic" works for me.
Naming isn't rocket science!

Lattice Quilt
Get all blocks made.
Some done. 

  I am making progress at least.  A little pinning is
helping out with the tug of war.  Yes, I am pinning. 
<rolling eyes>

Still want to try some outdoor sewing with these. 
Not done. 
Sunday would have worked for my outdoor sewing
 but I don't do much, if any, sewing on the weekends.
A non-windy nice day is rare here in KS but it
does happen so I'll keep waiting.
Put in peppers, tomatoes and eggplant.  And all herbs.  
I also caved and, after seeing some of my recipes,
I picked up more cabbage (Nappa/Chinese) to grow.
What's a few more?  Still haven't caught that moth
but there has only been one sighting.
Anyhoo, so the garden is all planted--yay!--until late
June/early July when the pumpkins gourds go in.
In other news...

It's been a long time since I added to my pantograph
collection so I decided to treat myself.  I'll update
my tab with the names of these later today.

Not much else to tell so I'll move on into
next week's plans.

Nine-Patch Hourglass

Lattice Quilt
Finish blocks? Hard to say.
Just depends on how much outdoor work
I decide to do.

Outdoor sewing if weather cooperates.

Finish straightening fences.  Start on mulch process.

Hubs and I have been straightening up the 2-ft fence
around each bed (to keep out bunnies and chickens)
and replacing most of the plastic stakes with more
permanent metal ones.  Also, now that everything is
planted, I'm going to start putting organic weed barriers
(newspaper, cardboard, etc) down and topping them
with mulch.  I don't mind a little weeding here and
there but a big garden like mine is just too much.
This is an investment of time and work that
really pays off the rest of the season.

Have a great week and happy quilting!
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Needled Mom said...

Your weather has been crazy. I hope the fruit trees will still produce for you. I like the weed barrier idea. I’m surprised you’re finding any sewing time with all the gardening going on right now.

Julierose said...

You will have such a lovely garden--i will be growing minimally this year (back issues) in containers...but it's still really chilly here--I don't usually set anything out until Memorial Day...
I love the look of that lattice quilt..very nice work hugs, Julierose

grammajudyb said...

You’ve got some great projects going! And garden chores, this time of year, are still rewarding and kind of fun! ( Says a girl who doesn’t garden anymore!) I like digging in the dirt! Annual flowers will go in mid May...I hope,

Anonymous said...

I love that lattice quilt!

Rebecca Grace said...

Your crazy weather sounds like how ours has been in the Carolinas -- I forget where you're located, but something makes me want to guess Nashville? I'm still loving your Lattice quilt and YES to the excitement of new panto designs! :-). Is that top one Oodles of Doodles?

Sherrie said...

Really like your Lattice Quilt...so pretty
and colorful. Have a great day!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That sounds like April in the Midwest! I love your lattice quilt - such a great design!

piecefulwendy said...

Menopausal weather, eh? Hot flashes, chills, and everything in between! You're keeping busy there. I'm dragging this week, so I've been cleaning and organizing in the quilt space. I have finished a few things though (small projects).

chrisknits said...

Hey, you got the important stuff done, the rest will wait for you to find time! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

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