Tuesday To-Do and More

I should be finding myself with plenty of time
 these days but...I'm not.  Somehow, this past
week was busier than ever and even now
I'm rushing through this post so I can get
back to work in the sewing room.

Among the other things added to my plate lately, I found
myself knee-deep in making masks--the good ones.
More on that in a bit.  First, the "got-done's":

1)  Finish the entire top of the Americana quilt.

Being short on blue border fabric,
I left the bottom simple; it will be covered
by the footboard of the bed anyway.

This top is all finished and on the LA frame.
I got a small start quilting it before I
stopped everything to work on masks.

2) Two more Farmer's Wife quilt blocks

3)  Knitting:  show more progress
Only added 8-10 rows; better than nothing!

4)  Gardening/outdoor work:  whatever weather allows
Hopefully I'll get more things into the herb beds.

All caught up in the garden.
I got a few herbs planted in warmer, protected
spots but it'll be a few weeks before adding more.
With a few nights below freezing, it's clear that it's 
too early to plant anything else.  Our temps are
warming up quickly and we've had some nice rain
so for the next week or two, I'll just be sitting
back and watching the early crops emerge.
I'm already seeing onions, radishes, lettuces, etc.


An OR nurse friend of mine dropped by a bag of
their sterilization fabric for me to make masks.
Like everyone else, they are very short on them
so I offered to make what I could.

After much research and then getting my routine down,
things finally sped up.  Oh, for just one more set of hands!
The assembly line would have gone so much faster! 
This morning I have just two hour's worth of work to
finish up almost 70 surgical masks (with straps) to give.
I think there is more fabric coming my way and I truly
want to make as many as they need but I also have
so many other things crying for attention so it is a
struggle!  I also have about 20 masks (the fabric kind
with filter pocket) to make for family and friends who
have requested them.  I pray I get those done today
as well but "sunny and 80 degrees" is going to mean
I need to get some outdoor work done as well.

Next week's To-Do's

1)  Americana quilt: finish quilting

2)  Farmer's Wife:  Two more blocks

3) Knitting: progress on scarf would be great
but first I have an Easter project I want to get done.
I'll have to save any pics for next week.

4) Masks: fill all requests

5) New coat of paint in sewing room

Hubs is going to build me a permanent hanger for my
design wall (or quilt if design wall isn't in use) so I want
to touch up the walls before he gets it put up. It's going
to be hard to get to this with so much going on.
Though it's just the same color, I still need to move
as much as I can out of the room and off the walls.

And that's it, aside from focusing on Holy Week and
streaming the Triduum events into our living room
when we'd much rather be at church--so odd!

Happy safe quilting!

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Vicki in MN said…
Your Americana quilt is waving in all it's glory, love it! Good luck on meeting your goals this week.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Oh, your Americana quilt has turned out so nicely. I look forward to seeing how you quilt it. No one will ever miss the bottom row of geese - they'll never see it! I, too, have to step into the making-face-mask arena. Great job on your list this week, and good wishes for another productive one. Thank you so much for linking up! ~smile~ Roseanne
Your Americana quilt is wonderful! I really like the flying geese border!
Kate said…
Mask making derailed a number of "to do" lists last week. It's very good of you to make them for the hospital, friends and family. I had to go to the pharmacy and grocery store last night. The pharmacy will not let you in if you don't have a mask. I was one of 2 people wearing a mask at the grocery store. Good luck with this week's list. Have a very blessed Easter (live streaming is our plan for Easter Sunday as well).
It is strange 'watching' church instead of attending church, especially during Holy week. I plan on dressing up on Sunday, for both my Sunday school class (on conference call) and for the church service (on YouTube).
Raewyn said…
Your Americana quilt is beautiful. I hope you make some progress on the quilting this week. You really are busy with the masks - I imagine how grateful everyone is to receive them. We haven't been needed to make them here yet