Tuesday To-Do's (or Not To Do?)

What did I get done?
What did ANY of us get done!?

I put all my other to-do's on hold.

I've sewn so many masks I started placing
empty spools trophies on the window.

I'd already tossed a couple and I've also been using
a huge cone so this should be more impressive.
Still, it makes me happy to watch it grow.
It has been a great way to empty up some threads
(and bobbins!) that I don't see using up in the future.
I stick to neutral colors with my quilt piecing so any
brights I have from odd projects are fair game
when sewing the inside of these surgical masks.

The "Got Done's"

1)  Americana quilt: finish quilting
Gathering dust while loaded on frame

2)  Farmer's Wife:  Two more blocks
Didn't even crack the book open

3) Knitting: progress on scarf would be great
but first I have an Easter project I want to get done.
I'll have to save any pics for next week.
Nope, nada.

4) Masks: fill all requests
Here we go!

West Point masks, of course!

Well, I am up to my ears in mask requests!

For family and friends, I've made 50 fabric masks.
Most were elastic and all had slots for filters.

For the troops in Afghanistan, I made 25 fabric w/ties
and already shipped them off.  I wish I'd taken pictures
of these because I think they were some of my best.

I finished the 60 surgical masks from last week
(miscalculated a little in last post) and 
I'm working on hundred's more.  
That's right:  hundreds. 
Every time I forbid myself to take on one more order,
someone simply can't say "no" to puts in their request.
 And then my nurse-friend dropped off 4 more bags of
surgical fabric! They loved the masks.  They were put
to use immediately and they want all I can get made.
How do I say no?
These are the really necessary ones, ones that work!

Even hubs pitched in.
With this being his debut here on my blog and
with that rotary cutter--look at him go!--perhaps
a round of applause is in order?  If not for that, then
how about the fact that he cut out 200 mask/tie sets
and has been inserting pipe cleaners (for nose).

5) New coat of paint in sewing room

Believe it or not, I did get this one done!
Even with all that mask construction, I tore my
room apart and painted it.  It's the same color but
just looks all new.   It had been 11 years
since I painted it last--how is that possible?

Next week's To-Do's:

Mostly just a repeat of last week's:

1)  Finish the Americana quilt

2) Make two Farmer's Wife blocks

3) Finish all masks
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
(I guess there's always a chance!)

4) Don't take on ANY more mask orders
Somehow I have to find a way to say "no more."
At least for a week or so.  I have done NOTHING
else around here except a little laundry.
No spring cleaning.
Not even "get ready for Easter" cleaning!
And I'm so sore!

5) Knitting
This might be hilarious as well except that I know it would
be a good way to wind down after sewing all day.

Happy quilting--if you're not making masks, that is.

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Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Yes, a big round of applause is due to both you and your husband. Great job!! ~clap~clap~ How nice that they gave you the fabric to use that can be put to the most use. Oh, I agree that the knitting would be a fabulous way to wind down in the evening after a full day of sewing. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne
I made 28 kid size masks for neighborhood kids. Hubby got on the neighborhood online group yesterday and gave away the extras. Now I have lots more asking for more kids masks. Maybe I'll make some. I did get a huge bag of elastic from one of the people that picked up masks for their kids. Woohoo! Hubby keeps getting requests from nurses for more masks (no surgical fabrics here, just my quilters cottons). I have a whole small guild making masks every day to keep up. Thank goodness it isn't just me making them. After I finish this batch today I want to take a break and work on something for me.
Your mask making is amazing - hip, hip, hooray! And how neat that you got your hubby involved, too. Good for him!
Joyful Quilter said…
Wow, that's a lot of masks. Clap-clap-clap for you and hubs. Loved the pic of the spools. I've been using up some of my old pastel threads in my scrap quilt piecing...nice to use them up and not toss them.
Debbie said…
Your work ethic and big heart are a joy to see! No one else has such a big production of masks. The Hubs looks like a natural!