27 March 2020

Farmer's Wife Friday #12

Friday already.  Sheesh.
Right after I finished quilting up the Irish chain
this morning, I dropped everything to get
today's blocks out in time.

Yes--I finally finished it but I'm saving
the completed pic for next Tuesday.

Anyhoos, it's a good thing I do this FW Friday thing
because I'd never keep to my schedule without it.



Weeks later, I still feel like I'm trying to get caught up
after having been sick.  Caught up to...what?
I think just my own idea of what I feel I should
have completed by now...or something like that.

The effects of world events have only added to
that feeling of struggling to get everything done.
Outdoor spring clean-up and gardening
(if it ever decides to dry up) also pull at me.

Getting my two current quilts finished will be a relief
and will certainly ease things up in my mind.
Both are so close to being done!

Having multiple projects going at once never works
well for me.  I don't like that feeling of leaving
something un-done--while I'm working on any one
project, the others all nag at me.

Outside of treating it as a side-project, I'm not sure
there's any other way to tackle a Farmer's Wife quilt
but from now on, hopefully I'll only have one quilt
going at a time along with it!

Now back to getting a label and binding on
that Irish chain...

Happy confined weekend quilting!


Joyful Quilter said...

Progress is progress, whether baby steps or huge leaps. Love your new blocks...I have the yellow in your second block and really want the dark stripe (?) in your first blocks. ;o) Checking out your fabric choices is fun.

Debbie said...

Saw the Irish Cahin on Instagram this morning....love it! Good for you for sticking with projects till the end. The FW blocks are looking grand too.

Frédérique said...

Soon two finishes, that's great! Your tops are beautiful, and new blocks too!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm betting those are both done by now. This warmer weather will have you outside now. Enjoy the fresh air.

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