10 March 2020

The Fabric Shopping, The Germs, The Frustration and Tuesday To-Do's

I didn't expect a trip to the quilt shop to be dangerous.
One of the LQS's around here has an "End-of-the-Bolt"
sale about once a month or so.  All fabric is $2 off/yd,
$3 off if you buy what's left on the whole bolt,
including clearance, which means you can score some
pretty quality stuff for a killer $4/yd.  This is my downfall.
I don't need any more fabric than the rest of us but
four dollars a yard, my quilty friends!  Four dollars!

They recently posted that they've added a lot to their
 clearance section so, regardless of the intention of 
"not going next time" that I walked out with last time,
off I went with a different intention:  firm restraint.
It's the best I could do under that kind of pressure.

Some of you enjoyed the last clearance section pic I
shared from a different shop so I'm sharing these today.

 I was actually virtual shopping for my sister (1,000 mi away)
who, through these pics and talking it through over the phone,
was able to pick out a nice selection for her next quilt.

I also do this for a friend regularly. 
Raise your hand if you're a fabric shopper assistant!

Aside from my sister's fabric, I walked away with just
these goodies (two are Sherri & Chelsi's).  They had
minimal yardage on them so I did very well.
So cheery, so springy--exactly what I was after.
It's March and crafty social media is full of
spring-themed quilts!
I came home all inspired and ready to pick out a new
spring-themed quilt project of my own...just as soon
as I completed my Farmer's Wife blocks for the week
and made a little progress on my son's quilt.
So, tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be the day!
But in the middle of the night, disaster struck.
Quickly and with a vengeance. 
Apparently I brought home more than just fabric
from the quilt shop.  
"Buy three bolts, get free germs!"
Ooof, I must've missed that part of the sale!
Oh, the agonizing hours of illness.
Long, drawn out, light-headed agonizing hours, days...
'Nuff said.  You get the idea.

Latest Instagram Crush:

Is it me or is everyone else out there finishing
quilts left and right?  It doesn't help that I'm
writing this from my bed, still nauseous and frustrated.
Maybe it's Instagram.  There should be a rule that
you can't re-post quilts that have already had their
Instagram moment because to the rest of us it it looks like
you're completing one or two per week--or per day,
depending on how active an Instagrammer you are.
I just feel like everyone is super-productive...but me.

Usually looking at all the quilty goodness on Instagram
is encouraging.  Today it's discouraging, but maybe that
has more to do with the fact that the room is spinning,
and not the spool of thread on my sewing machine.

All my whiney-ness aside, I don't have much to
share by way of to-do's but I think I'll be forgiven
considering the said whiney-ness topic.

Past week's Tuesday To-Do's 

1) Quilt the Irish chain
Um...well, I now have the thread.

2) Get blocks made for son's quilt 
I'll be honest--no progress at all.
3) Make at least one Farmer's Wife block

Hey, look at that--I got two done after all!
(Just don't look too closely to that second one, m'kay?)

4) Find something to knit in the evenings--Done.
I've been thinning my yarn stash out.   I'm either donating
it or whipping out something simple for family or charity.
This week I settled on making a little toddler hat.

And then for kicks, I made a bookmark 
that still needs some shaping.

How funny that I'd hoped to get all the above done
plus spend a lot of time in my garden.  I thought I'd
get the dryer, warmer parts tilled and maybe even plant
the onions.  So, so funny.
Okay, not really.
Not at all.
After gardening for so long, you get kind of a gut-feel
for when you need to get out there.  There it was...
(No, not the sick gut-feel--the other one)
...aaand there it went.
We got rain last night and there's more in the forecast.
I'm so frustrated.
I'm making out my list of to-do's but make no promises.

Next week's Tuesday To-Do's

1)  Finish Irish chain quilt
This is number one on my list for a reason.
It's been on there too long.  Time to be done!

2)  Make some blocks for son's America quilt

3) Two more Farmer's Wife blocks
I'll be honest--this might be the week I skip.

4)  Knitting
Find another evening project using up stash yarn.

5) If it dries enough:  some gardening. 
Especially planting potatoes and onions.

I should point out that I have no idea where I picked up
the free germs.  I went to the coffee shop that morning
as well so who knows?

I hope everyone has a successful week with their to-do's.
Happy quilting and gardening!  

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

When I got sick, I'd gone to IKEA, the quilt shop, Salvation Army, and Joann's Fabrics. I'm thinking that I got it from touching one of those baskets. My son most likely got chicken pox (when he was little) from a grocery basket. Hope you are better soon.

Debbie said...

Glad you are feeling better. Doubt the bug was on the fabric , much more likely from a door handle or table top! But love the shopping trip with good prices. You have a full shedule planned...stay well..

Bernie Kringel said...

Ughh - that is just awful. I am so sorry to hear of your misery.
I hope you are feeling better soon. It seems to take so much longer now to get over something!!
Rest and sleep. Sleep seems to be the most helpful thing - at least the time passes - Take care Cheree.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Good morning, Cheree! I am so sorry you are feeling poorly. Something is definitely going around these parts, and it's not the COVID-19 virus. You need to just lay low and give yourself time to kick this bug to the curb. WOW - $4 a yard for fabric . . . yeah, I'd be checking that out as well. And I have been a quilting assistant once or twice when I've found the perfect fabric that a friend needed. Here's to a productive week, and thank you for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

Marti said...

So sorry you are sick. There is nothing worse than wanting to get out of bed and do things and not being able. I don't visit Instagram a lot, but I see a lot of finished quilts on blogs and wonder how people turn out so many. My average is one or two per year.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your shopping sounds fun, but getting sick afterwards not so much! Those spring prints are so pretty! And your Farmer's Wife blocks look great, too. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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