20 March 2020

Happy National Quilting Day and Farmer's Wife Friday

Tomorrow is National Quilting Day.
I thought that was every day but oh well,
bring it on!

I've been pretty sluggish in the sewing room.
Lots of distraction as we all know.
I think we're settling into a routine around here
and I'm starting to feel a little more like sewing.
(Anything to keep from scrolling social media!)
This self-containment thing has to have
some perks, right? 

I got three more Farmer's Wife blocks made!
And these were so much easier than they've 
been in quite a while so they were pretty fun.
I'm enjoying trying out so many blocks but I
really prefer they don't all have 50+ pieces!




Now that I have 30 done, how about a group photo?

Happy weekend containment quilting!
Please stay calm, safe and quilt on!

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