30 December 2019

But Wait! There's One More!

Just when I thought I was done for the year
I remembered I had one on the back burner.

To finish the year out by actually finishing everything,
I decided to quilt up my Dresden Chain.

Quilt #16 is complete.
I had no idea I made that many!
(not counting monthly banners, table runners etc)

And here I was thinking
"You know, there's no reason I couldn't get
one quilt per month made in 2020..."
 Looking at that track record
maybe I should shoot for TWO a month?

Just kidding.
But 24 quilts would be amazing.

Now after the holiday fun, the last-minute quilting, etc
I was all ready to settle in for some fireside time.
Just reading or whatever.
But then the LQS sent out an email....oh those darned sales!

10, 8.5 and 9.5 yds, respectively

These don't seem that great until I explain why I bought them:
#1 My MIL needs a backing for her first quilt.
She's still in that "I can't pick out fabric" phase so I thought
I'd nudge her along.  This might be perfect, it might not.
Either way, I can always use it, esp at $5/yd.
#2 Yes, it's Christmas fabric but I think I can stretch that.
Possible background or backing. $5/yd
#3 I have some West Point fabric that needs to go into
 a few quilts soon so I'm always watching for gray.

More on those WP fabrics in my next post but
here's one of them next to my gray.  Grays can be funny,
Somehow, I've found myself working with them in a lot
of quilts over the last two years and I guess I've gotten them
figured out.  I pulled the WP fabric out when I got
home and yep, perfect match.
It would be awesome if this would back two twin quilts.
A whopping $4/yd for designer fabric.  Moda.
I rock.

And I really, really wanted to buy more $4/yd fabric but my
stash is plenty big and I had no specific plans.  I decided
to spread some holiday cheer and leave it all for others.
So kind. ;o)

Happy quilting in what's left of 2019.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

The quilt is great! Happy New Year!

Debbie said...

You had a smashing good year! Love the Dresden....it is just beautiful. You might shoot for 20 next year, but that's a big push! I am sure you are up to it. Love your new fabrics, and greys are always a good choice. Have a happy New Year.

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