12 December 2019

Coffee Quilt in Progress

Look what the hubs found for me!
Wouldn't this make a fun gift for the other quilters on your
gift list?  Or maybe a prize for the Christmas party? 
Now the question is:  for what occasion
should I pop this one open? 
(note:  it's not really priced for a "weeknight" wine)
It will need to be soon so that I can see if I like it well
enough to add more to that other stash in our home.

If you're wondering what else we have stashed
around here, that's it.  Just wine and fabric.
(gee, we're my kind of people!)

On to the coffee quilt update.

The chain had me doing a little more trimming
than my achy shoulders wanted but I love chains
and want to make scrappy ones and 9-patches and
anything else in that category in abundance.
How can I put more Irish chains on my to-do
lists when they do that to me?  

256 2-patches

The doctor swears it's bursitis and will go away.
Personally, I think I did something swimming last summer.
Time will tell.  I might push for an MRI if it keeps up.
Darn that back surgery of mine.  I swear I began
falling apart before my time once that happened. 
Well, I digress.  Enough whining.
Nothing great is achieved without some cost, right?
I think the answer is to just not cut so much at once
but when I'm in the sewing room, I like to keep going.
As does any quilter, right?  I am no quitter!!
Truth be told, I think I push down harder than needed
on the ruler and sometimes the cutter.
A bad habit I really need to work on.
(Can you teach a middle-aged dog new tricks???)

I didn't get all the blocks completed yesterday.
It was a far-fetched goal to be sure but I do
stuff like that for motivation.  I still got all 16
chain blocks done and that's a lot.
Are you getting an idea of how this will look?
If you want to look ahead, the free pattern
Star Crossed Paths is available from Benartex.

Today, I WILL finish!
(See, there I go!)

Happy quilting!


Joyful Quilter said...

Nice progress on your quilt.

I get bursitis in my shoulder about every five years (also been having problems with it the few months - wonder why). I usually end up with a cortisone shot and a little physical therapy and I'm good to go for a while. Hope yours goes away soon.

LOVE the wine! Where did your husband find it? I checked out their website for other flavors. ;o)

Needled Mom said...

That is gorgeous....worth the pain! What a fun bottle of wine that is!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

It's looking great!

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