Tuesday To-Do 2021 #Two and Some Accounting

Alright, let's all fess up. 
Who has already purchased fabric this year?
I made it a whole 16 hours into 2021 without
buying fabric.  Did anyone cave before me?

That is what I get for some cozy fireside
surfing...with an eggnog martini.
An email came up--a sale!  And minutes later
things were in my cart.   And so began 2021.
(Yardage in yellow:)

7 yards
Green stripe -- binding stash
 Brown (darker in real life) -- fall stash building
Christmas -- stash building

Then I hit the LQS after they advertised they
added 200 (!) bolts to their clearance section.

10 yards: 
Multi-dot -- Background for my snowflake quilt
Green -- Snowflake quilt
Plaid -- Snowflake quilt and stash
Red dot -- Valentine's Day? and stash

And finally, I made a quick decision to take the
hour-long drive up north to another LQS when I saw
some snow on the radar that was *just* missing us.
(Because that seems to be our lot these last 5 years
or so--to watch the snow go right on by.  Ugh.)
Anyhoo, smart move on my part.  I found some
clearance goodies and a few greens for my next quilt,
 and I got to drive through some beautiful snow.
We just got flurries back at home.

7 yards: 
Rust -- Fall stash
Greens -- Snowflake quilt
Snowflakes* -- Stash

Maybe it was all the fabric-buying that kept me
a little side-tracked from my to-do list.  I was also
pretty focused on family.  Last week, the cadet
flew back up to NY so, with the other son already
back up in Omaha, we are back to just the two
of us, with occasional visits from our girls (local).

And now, finally, it's time for the list.

Last [two] week's To-Do's:

1) Finish quilting Pumpkin patch, bind & label
More done.

I did a little more quilting and made the label.
I just can't seem to find my quilting mojo but I
made progress and it's so close to being done.

2) Bind and label Pinetree Lane


Remember how I was a little worried my fabrics
weren't quite as bright and fun as in the original
I'm not sure why I still get surprised when
"going with my gut" works out really well but,
I do.  I guess I just didn't expect to like
it even more than the original!

The snowflake quilting turned out to be perfect for it.

Some quilts just make your heart happy to look at them.
This is one of those for me so it's a keeper.
The Christmas decor is all put away but I left some
winter-themed things up around the house to enjoy and
keep it cozy.  This quilt doesn't scream Christmas so
we're still enjoying it but I'm about ready to put it all
away, especially since we're not getting any snow.

3) Knit:  Anything.  Even if it's one row.
More done.
I finally made a little progress!

4) Project Scraps-To-HSTs:  Anything.
More Done.
I finished another 350 while watching the Chiefs
win.  Sewing allows me to be just distracted
enough to keep from getting too nervous.  

To clarify, these are trimmings from making
flying geese and other various blocks.  They're
organized by the project they came from ("sets").

Unless more sets decide to come out of the woodwork,
I have 9 total to play around with--after I chucked a few.
I started a list in my Projects for the Year tab...
and discovered I have blog housekeeping to do.

Then, after working on all of those to-do's,
 I threw in a quick squirrel.

Something simple for Valentine's Day for our table.

Now for a couple placemats to match.

Fabric accounting for the two weeks:
Fabric in:  +24 yards (yikes!)
Fabric Used:  -2/3 yd (Pines binding)

 I'm not off to a great start here but I had fun 
taking advantage of the sales so....so what?
The house is quiet now so it's time to work on
tipping that scale waaaay back the other way and
hopefully it will stay there most of the year.  

Next week:

Finish Pumpkin Patch (for real, this time!)

2) Make Valentine's placemats

3) HST's:  keep going

4) Knitting:  work on scarf 

5) Blog housekeeping

An easy week!

Happy quilting!
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Hmmmmm, I love those 3 green fabrics from the third photo, beautiful! Love your forest quilt, and the red table runner. Lovely projects! Have fun with your "easy week" ;)
I put in an order on Dec 28th, but it didn't arrive until Jan 14, so does that count, lol?! Pinetree Lane is just gorgeous - I would want to keep it out, too. That's an adorable tablerunner - placemats to match sound like a great idea!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! 16 hours!! You've got me beat, although if nothing else 2020 has encouraged us to online shop often. Great job on your purchases. I am drooling over several of the selections. Those cute little pumpkins will wait for you to find your mojo - look at that nice sunshine and vitamin D! Pinetree put away because of no snow? It's only January 19th - I don't think you have to give up on it just yet. Love that pretty little table runner and that pitcher looks perfect on it. Nice and cheery. Good luck with your list and thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne
24 yards! More than I buy in a year. You go girl!
Joyful Quilter said…
I like your colors for Pinetree Lane, they are warm and snugly, perfect for when it finally does snow. Your Valentine table runner makes me want to dig for fabric...no, no, no squirrels allowed!
piecefulwendy said…
Clearance sale . . . almost as captivating as caffeine, although I need the caffeine so as to be sharp for the clearance sale. I may or may not have beat you on the fabric ordering. I don't know, I don't remember, I'm not sayin' - haha! You do know that the snow will show as soon as you stow that quilt away? And that is the cutest little squirrel on your table! What a fun week you've had!
Vicki W said…
I never make "no fabric" resolutions!
Carol Andrews said…
Clearance sales, squirrels and Pinetree Lane. What a wonderful week you’ve had. I’m sure next week you’ll have more pretty photos for our viewing pleasure. The hst’s look like so much fun.
Debbie said…
Love the quick Valentine project. And your new fabrics....I still say don't count. lol. And the Pine tree quilt is a wonderful finish!
chrisknits said…
LOL, I held out longer and you also beat me on yardage. I only added 22 yards! But I've already spent over $1000.00, does that win me anything? LOL I bought a Panto system for my Amara, and a few quilting rulers!!! Now maybe I should stop buying and start quilting!
I bought quite a few yards of fabric for a project that is due mid-April. I was also gifted with TONS of new fabric from a lady who's mother (a quilter) died last May. I've also had several of the ladies from my little quilt guild come over and pick lots of it for themselves (charity projects mainly). I'm already using some of it for Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. That tree quilt is winter, not Christmas, so, keep it out for another couple of months.
Sharon - IN said…
Clearance at the LQS! That is where I shop for backs for quilts. I have not bought any fabric yet this year but I did buy Fabric Certificates - a system the LQS offers each January. Buy a certificate for $25 and then Feb-July it will get you $50 worth of fabric! Limit of 5. They really have a good thing going. You know, once in the store you always buy more than you intended!
Needled Mom said…
I figure that with so much shut down with Covid, we have extra money to buy more fabric! 😂. It looks like you are off to a good start in getting sewing finished up.