2021 Tuesday To-Do #3: Finally!

(Flowers from hubs!)

A happy Tuesday to the doers out there.
As I write this, it's a cold rainy Monday afternoon.
We're just a few degrees away from the snow
that was recently pulled from the forecast.
Well, at least it's raining; it's good for the trees
and it's still very good quilting weather.  

I had a decent week--as did our Chiefs!
(Going to the Super Bowl again!)
I made progress with everything on my list and then
threw in another Valentine's squirrel for extra credit.
I feel like my mojo is back and I'm ready to get
some UFO's finished and I'm really ready to
start cutting out something new.
(Am I the only one that really enjoys cutting?)
I'm also excited to learn that a LQS is partnering
with charitable clinic for a contest.
But, I get ahead of myself; first, my list:

1) Finish Pumpkin Patch (for real, this time!)

For real--finally.
(52 X 63)

I love this binding fabric! 

I wanted to use up the extra black fabric on the
back but I didn't quite have enough.  Ordering
a little more lattice print to work in a strip
solved that issue.

Upon finish, I found a quilting issue that I'm just
calling a live-and-learn moment and not worrying
about, other than to keep in mind for dark
 borders and panto-placement in the future.
(Zoom if you want.  The right border shows
 all upside-down pumpkins.  Sigh.)
At least this quilt is just for me.
Aside from that, it turned out well.

2) Make 2 Valentine's placemats

I am not a fan of placemats for several reasons
but one is that they take up so much space
on a table so whenever I make them,
they're pretty small--these are just 12x9.

Simple, straight-line quilting.
A fun little squirrel.

And now I'm working on another squirrel,
but this will need to be my last for awhile.

3) HST's:  make progress
Progress made.
I finished up one batch and started on another.
Two left to sew up but most still need trimmed.
Gee, I wonder why I'm avoiding that??
(Updated on Current Projects tab)

4) Knitting:  make progress on scarf 

A little here and there but there is not enough time
in the day.  If I could add an hour, I'd knit the
whole time.  If there were two of me, Self1 would
knit and Self2 would be in the sewing room.  If...
Well, you get the picture and I'd get a lot of cool
stuff made.  As it is, I like quilting a wee bit more.

5) Blog housekeeping
Technically, I'm not done but my Current Projects
tab is now up to date.  I just decided that having
all past quilts on one tab is too many.
Preferring my previous method, I'm working on
spreading them all back out.  It's tedious and it
makes for lots of tabs but it is more organized.
Looking over all of these, I'm so glad I began
blogging because I know I'd never take the
time to record my quilts without it.

Fabric Tally for the Week:
It's really hard to say this week--I have no idea, but
I used up batting too and that makes me happy!

Fabric purchases:  +0
Fabric usage:  -1.25 (?) yds.
YTD:  +24  / -1.25

(Seeing as how my hubs is a spreadsheet genius,
I should have him work something out there.)

On to other things...

I haven't done a chicken check-in in a while.

They're still proving to be the best flock of egg-layers.
Eighteen hens, 12 to 16 eggs a day.  Unbelievable.

Occasionally, I let the girls do some work in the
backyard.   You can see why it's occasional.
Chickens tear through everything!  They are
eating buried bugs and weed seeds so I put up
with it, and then walk around with a broom that
evening after they're all cooped up.

Looking to next week

1) Snowflake quilt:  Cut everything out.
  I've put off starting a new quilt because the last
two I made are still sitting out in my bedroom on
the floor.  I really am out of space.  However,
that situation doesn't seem to be changing so...
whatever!  I'm ready for a big project so I'm
going to make one anyway.  Another "finally".

I'm not sure I have enough reds and greens but
I'm going to jump in and see how far I get.

2)  HST's:  keep going

3) Knitting:  work on scarf 

4) Think on contest entry & get required fat quarter

This baby quilt contest must include a notable use of
a specific fabric so I'll need to run out to the LQS to
pick up the fat quarter--and I'll likely buy a little more.
(Yes, more purchasing!)  I love that all entries
will be donated to new mothers in need.

5) Finish blog housekeeping

And that's it for this week's plans.  I have plenty to
keep me busy but it's also floating around in my
pull out a UFO as well so this may show up in
next week's list...or not.  That's just how
things are right now and it's fantastic.


Home Sewn By Us said…
Yay Chiefs!! I hope they beat the pants off of TBay and TB. Ground 'em into the ground so to speak. So nice to see the Pumpkin Patch all finished. No one else is ever going to notice the pumpkin quilting issue and I hope you forget about it! Love that lattice fabric as the binding. And your little placemats look so festive and happy! The Snowflake quilt is going to be SO cute. Love it. You just may have to go shopping - maybe you'll find some Christmas fabrics on sale/clearance since it's out of season now. Thanks for winning the race for linking up first today. It's greatly appreciated. ~smile~ Roseanne
piecefulwendy said…
Congrats to the Chiefs - that's pretty exciting. Boy, you have made good progress this week! So fun to see all that you are doing. Pretty quilts, fun knitting, and of course, your lovely chickens! I'm confident you'll finish your tasks this week!
Joyful Quilter said…
Very pretty flowers! Look great on your new table runner. I like placemats - yours turn out really cute. I have some odd scraps from my last quilt maybe I should make a quick placemat so they don't go into my lovely empty scrap bin. I think the Snowflake quilt would look great in any combination of colors - blue and yellow? pink and brown? yellow and black? Love the pattern but it looks like a lot of cutting and piecing.
Linda said…
Your Pumpkin Patch is beautiful. The quilting is perfect, and those pumpkins just got turned over in the field! I made that pattern in 2019 and gave it to my daughter - she doesn't know I wanted to keep it. ;) I'm going to make it again for me because I love it. Those are pretty fabrics in those placemats! I have the same two Selfs living in my house - the one that would cross stitch and crochet while the other sewed. Love the glimpse of your chickies, and nice bouquet from your Hubs.

Pulling for the Chiefs!
Debbie said…
I love the pumpkin quilt...no matter how they fall! It is so cute and that binding fabric is really perfect. I love the placemat size...I call them snack mats and are perfect for our island and I have a huge collection of them.
Anne-Marie said…
Love all the Valentine's stuff. Your chickens are so pretty. What on earth do you do with 12-16 eggs a day? Do they stay fresh for a long time?
We're rooting for the Chiefs, too! Your pumpkin quilt is adorable - I just love the variety of black, gray, and orange prints you used in it. The Valentine placemats are just great - very festive. And if your other squirrel is what I think it is, be sure to read the directions all the way to the bottom! (wink!)
Vicki in MN said…
Cute placemats and so perfect with the red flowers. Staying busy is the key these days isn't it!
What wonderful projects and love your chickens! I love that pumpkin quilt!!! Just wondering but what do you mean by "squirrels"? That's a new one on me but I'm an old lady and not always up to date on modern terms. Anyway, have a safe and happy day!
Ivani said…
Love your mini Valentine's placemates.
And those flowers are beautiful.

I love your placemats and your pumpkin quilt is awesome!!
chrisknits said…
Yay for finishes!! Even if the pumpkins are upside down, although I can't tell. I have leftover upholstery fabric that I keep saying I am going to make small placemats from, maybe I just need to put it on my list? Good luck with the next set of goals.
I am happy for the Chief's! I remember Hank Stram (sp) as the Coach. So happy for Andy and Patrick! We gave up Football this year (personal reasons). I have missed but will certainly watch the Super Bowl encouraging the Chiefs to just roll over Brady! I think Dallas will NEVER make it to the SB ever! Jerry Jones just ruined the team. Landry was a great coach along with all the older coaches - can you tell I have been around a long time? LOL

Have a great week and keep on getting those great quilts made. I am clearing out the UFOs left from the last year or so before I really start a new one. Hugs
Needled Mom said…
I hope you eventually got your snow. Your pumpkin quilt looks beautiful. No one will notice the backside pumpkins. The placemats are so pretty and festive. You’ll be able to use them often during the year in red and white. I can’t wait to see the red and green come together. That is gorgeous!
Kate said…
Congrats on the pumpkin quilt finish. It turned out beautifully! Good luck with this week's to do list. Blog housekeeping does take time, but it's necessary. It is nice to have all the quilting stuff in one place that's not just on the computer!