01 November 2012

Checking In on a WIP

Because I was in a basting mood,
I ignored my sore fingers and back that I
obtained after basting this:

and this:

to bring this 2-yr old quilt top out of hiding.

This is another of Lynette Jensen's 
(Double Star Crossing Quilt--70" X 98")
In fact, it's the one on the cover.

I definitely went through a 
long period of enjoying her quilts, fabrics and style!
I can't say what my preference is these days but 
I do love this one and can't wait for it's completion...


Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Nice work Cheree.
All of that basting means those quilts will be finished in no time. I think that log cabin will be wonderful when it is finished (well they all will be of course).

gilly said...

Hi there, just popped in to take a peek at your lovely blog. The idea of a morning latte drew me in and then you had me at the "quilting, sewing, knitting" ! Happy to be your newest follower and looking forward to seeing all your pretty makes. Have a happy weekend :-)

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