Tuesday To Do #52: 2023 Trunk Show and Wrap-Up (So Far!)

Merry Christmas!
I hope you've all had a lovely holiday so far.
Don't stop celebrating--the Christmas season has just begun!

*my view this morning*

We got a decent dusting of snow, unfortunately it started just
before dark so I barely got to enjoy it but I guess you could say
we did get a bit of a white Christmas?  There are some big ol' fluffy
flakes coming down this morning so I will be content with that.
One son has already headed home to Omaha so at least his
travel will be clear.

For the last Tuesday To Do link up of the year, I'm celebrating
a pretty remarkable year of quilting with my 2023 Trunk Show.
I wrap it up with my latest finish that I haven't shown yet so
watch for that.  But hey!  There is still enough time in the year
to fit in another finish or two.  Can I do it?  Wait and see!

Of the 26 quilts I made this year, Peace & Joy is likely my favorite
but I wanted to recognize a few others so for this party I have my
bests noted with ⭐️stars⭐️. 
(I'd love to know if there are any that really stand out to you!)

Now, on with the show!

Wedding gift

⭐️ "Rosie" (71x71) ⭐️

Gifted to my new granddaughter at her Baptism.

"Meadow" (90x102)
Listed.  (Needs better pic)
Listed (Needs better pic)



Charity quilt contest (Third place)








⭐️  "Thankful Wreaths" (89x110)  ⭐️

⭐️ "Peace & Joy" (67x77) ⭐️

Peace & Joy, Too (67x77)
Just for me!

This one was just finished last week in time for me to enjoy
throughout the holiday (and through Valentine's Day).
It's already been working its way around the room as we
sit by the fire or in our sunroom--which makes me happy.

Currently being finished still in time for '23:
Woodland Christmas, Too (pic coming)

I hope you enjoyed my little trip down 2023 Memory Lane.
Do you have a favorite?  (A "viewer's choice"?)

My stats for the year--so far

Fabric purchased:  368 yards
Fabric used:  312 yards
Quilts made:  26
Number of total blocks: 1470
Quilts sold:  12
Quilts gifted:  6
Quilts donated:  2

My most-viewed post of 2023 was my day to host the

Next was the Turkey Trot Blog Hop.

Third was the Monster Mash Blog Hop.

Now to work on 2024's goals!  As soon as I settle on these,
I love to start the year with a good ol' list of things I want to do!

Happy quilting and happy New Year!


I actually love your pumpkin quilt - I don't usually do seasonal but I like it
Linda said…
What a joy to look back at your quilts, you are amazing. I love them all! I think my favorites are Radiant Fall, Barberry Bramble, Harvest Lane, Peace and Joy, and of course the pumpkin one.
Kate said…
Very nice stats for 2023. Silent Night would be my viewers choice. Good luck with those planned finishes this week.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Wow, what a productive year you've had. I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite . . . but since you insist . . . my reader's choice would be Versailles. The flying geese just add so much interest and movement. A close runner-up would be Simply Pumpkin. I think I need to make a smaller version to hang in my entryway for the upcoming Fall. I'm so glad you had a great Christmas with your family. Good luck with this week's goal for a couple more finishes! {{Hugs}} a bunch and have a Happy New Year! ~smile~ Roseanne
piecefulwendy said…
What a quilty year you've had! So many beauties, it's hard to choose, but I do love the muted colors in Barberry Bramble. Those red trees though - love! They look perfect nestled on your chair!
Good night Evie is my fav!!! Wonderful year of quilts!!!
chrisknits said…
How can ANYONE pick a fave!!! It's too difficult, so I will say all of them are my faves! LOL.
Diane said…
Great job, Sis! Such a wonderful showcase of talent, and all in 2023!
It IS hard to pick, maybe Versailles & Sweater Weather. In person, they are all amazing quilting treasures!
Merry Christmas! -Diane
That is a lot of quilts for the year!
Helenchaffin said…
Wow 36 quilts that's amazing! They are all beautiful! I actually have a country plaid Christmas ready to start in the new yr,I like the idea of the planning party for 24 I'm famous for planning & making list 🤣
Cheryl said…
Wow! That is a lot of quilts for 2023. Such beauties. Thanks for ;linking up with the Best of 2023 Party! Cheryl
Janice Smith said…
While I would be quite happy snuggling under Cabin in the Woods, the prettiest by far is Peace and Joy. :-)
Bernie Kringel said…
This is the first post I read this morning. What a treat! Like my own private trunk show with you. One thing I noticed right away is how much I love your use of color. The palette for each one is lovely. Next thing I noticed is how much you must sew!!! The number of quilts you made is amazing! Love them all.
Sherry said…
I loved looking at all of your beautiful quilts. You have inspired me to record what I complete in a better way. Thanks for taking the time to share.