Fast & MORE Fun Blog Hop Day 2: Gypsy Rose / Orchard Daze

Hello and welcome to the Morning Latte where we
drink lots of coffee, talk about our quilt projects
and make lists to make sure everything gets done!
Today is a really big day around here (psst--prizes!)
so you've picked an awesome time to stop by!

It's DAY TWO of the Fast & More Fun Villa Rosa Blog hop!
If you are unfamiliar with Villa Rosa Designs or if you want
more information on the hop, please check out the
 blog hop home page where Tricia has the great info.
With 28 quilters who are all excited to share their creations
from this new collection of five Villa Rosa Designs patterns,
you won't want to miss a single post so keep on reading!

You can purchase a set of these 5 patterns HERE OR you can
visit the Villa Rosa Designs website HERE where you can
also see over 600 more great Villa Rosa card patterns.
Simple, affordable and so, so cute on those little postcards!
Or hey, you might just win a set! 
There are lot of prizes up for grabs, including quilt pattern sets,
books, precuts from fat quarters to 5″ squares, and more.
And finally, there are FOUR very awesome Grand Prizes!
This is important stuff for you so let's go over the prize specifics now:

Villa Rosa Designs is giving away a 2024 Blog Hop
Rose Card pattern collection on each participating blog.

Individual Prizes (each blogger will select 3 winners on their blog)
 which may be books, patterns, fat quarter bundles, 5″ squares,
 2 1/2″ strips, 10″ squares, or notions.

 * Kaffe Fasset Precut Collection *
* $100 digital Gift Certificate to Hancock’s of Paducah *
* A BIG BOX of mystery quilty goodies *
* An Electric Quilt 8 download *
(The winner for this last one will be selected on the EQ blog
so you will need to register there for this prize)

Please see the list of great sponsors below.  Their generosity
has helped make this blog hop possible!  Thank you!!

Hop from blog to blog using the schedule and links found on all
participating blogs (mine is below) from today, March 14th
 through March 21st and register for prizes at each blog you visit. 
The more participating blogs you visit and register with,
the more chances you have to win prizes!  How easy is that?

Winners will be selected randomly. Each blogger will select 3 names
 to go into the Grand Prize drawings and then 3 winners will be
selected randomly to win from the bloggers’ entries.  Each blogger
will also randomly select 3 winners for the Sponsored Individual
Prizes and 1 winner for a set of the Blog Hop patterns.

Prize registration closes Sunday, March 23 2024.

Winners will be announced just as soon as all winners have been
notified.  Prizes will be shipped as soon as possible. Please be
patient if you are a prize winner, this process can take a little time.

Stay tuned to see how to register to win here at the Morning Latte
but first, seeing as how we've already spent so much time together,
I should really introduce myself, especially if you are new around here.
I am Cheree, the head coffee-lover-quilter in charge around here.
I could start off by telling you a bit about myself--you know, 31+
years with the hubs = 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren, and
some other things like the huge garden, chickens and a rooster with
no concept of telling time.  My life's summary would also include a
love of knitting, reading, (esp classic lit & non-fiction history) and
cooking with all of that real food from the garden, and of course
 there would be an extensive section on golf.

But it's okay, I feel ya--I know you want me to get right to what we're
 all here for, yeah?  Ah, I thought so.  Let's get down to the quilty talk!

I have been a quilter for over 25 years.  Over the last 6+ years, my
"full-time hobby" expanded into a longarm business that includes
quilt sales on Etsy (with the proceeds going to charity--very fulfilling!)

I currently sew on a 2023 Pfaff 720 Quilt Expression.

I quilt on an APQS 2019 Lucey, complete with Quilt Path (v 5).
Both are in my studio which is in our home. YAY me, right?
I get to stay home!

* Side Note *
I recently did a room tour with Angela Huffman so if you'd
like to see a little of my studio, you can check it out on the
on their Facebook page if you belong to that group.
(The tour begins around 22 mins into the video.)

So now it's time to share my Villa Rosa Designs quilt!
It is with those trusty machines (they become our friends, right?)
that I quickly worked up my version of the VRD pattern "Gypsy".

What a fun and quick pattern--and just perfect for those
large-print fabrics that you don't want to cut up too much!

My previous quilt had well over 3,000 pieces so I was very
due up for something fast and fun!  What great timing for
a Villa Rosa Designs pattern, right?

To make this quilt, I decided to go all Bonnie and Camille
with my fabrics.  Well, most of them anyway--there may be
a few others mixed in there.  But, see?  I'm telling you, this is
an easy one to just toss in anything that coordinates!

Now, you could just stop here for a nice baby quilt (36x45).
(Aw, look at that ray of sunshine showing its approval!)
But believe it or not, I don't currently know anyone with a baby
 on the way so I decided to add some size to this one.  If you've
followed along with me for any length of time, you'll know that
I add borders to just about everything. I'm also currently trying
to move out these Bonnie & Camille fabrics so why not get more
of them into this quilt?  So Ms. Ray and I started playing around...

and a few geese and churn dashes later...


Voila!  It's that simple!
(Simpler than trying to get that white to show up well in a pic!)

I am calling my Gypsy quilt "Orchard Daze" because it reminds me of
our orchard when I was young.  We had all kinds of fruit trees
including two cherry trees.  (I used the red cherry fabric on the back)
 We now have peaches, pears, apples and apricots but alas, no cherries.
But I digress.

I quilted my version of Gypsy in "Riviera" (My Creative Stitches).

How do you think it turned out?

The VRD "Gypsy" quilt pattern provides a beautiful patchwork
design for a great baby quilt OR, if you want more size, it's a quick
base for adding a border or two and then you'll be good to go!

Either way, you'll have your quilt top done in a day!  A day!
And as a bonus, do some stash busting while you're at it!

I know you're excited to get started on your own VRD quilts
but first here's the part where you sign up for those prizes!

To register to win on THIS blog, I would appreciate if you become
a follower of the Morning Latte.  (You can subscribe up to the right).
I generally post just once a week and do nothing else with your
email address!  Please leave a comment below telling me what your
 favorite of the 5 new VRD patterns is.  
If you are "no-reply" or "anonymous", please be sure to include your
email address so that I can contact you if you are one of the winners. 
(Used for prize notification & blog subscription only--nothing else.)

UPDATE:  I am getting entries from no-reply commenters but
with NO email address left!  PLEASE!  I would love to include you
in the drawing but I cannot without a way to contact you!

Now, as I mentioned, this is only day two of the fun.
There are 4 other bloggers who are excited to share their own VRD
quilts today so check 'em out.  THEN make sure you check back
daily over the next week because the fun is JUST beginning!
Use the schedule below to make your plans. 
And don't forget share this with all of your quilty friends so
they don't miss out on all of the inspiration, fun and prizes!

Thank you so much for stopping in today, especially you
newbies out there.  I can't wait to hear from you!
Happy quilting with Villa Rosa Designs!

* UPDATE:  I am getting entries from no-reply commenters but *
with NO email address left!  PLEASE!  I would love to include you
in the drawing but I cannot without a way to contact you!

2024 VRD Blog Hop Schedule
Thursday, March 14

Friday, March 15
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Cheree H --  (You are HERE!)
Roseanne Nelson --

Saturday March 16
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SIY (Branyn/Jennifer) –

Sunday, March 17
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Monday, March 18
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lynn said…
I really like what you have done with the pattern., and those prints are perfect
Kim Pemberton said…
I love adding borders and yours came out beautiful. A light bulb went off in my head, now I need to get busy
Debbie said…
I love the Twinkle pattern. I am subscribed to your blog now and look forward to reading your blogs for new ideas! I like that you added to the pattern for a larger size quilt!
Kate said…
I love all the patterns but Gypsy will be first to try. I love what you did with borders. Great ideas!
I subscribed to the blog!
Linda said…
Cheree! Your Gypsy is gorgeous! I'm crazy about that pattern and can see it in so many colorways, and I love the way you enlarged it, and I love the name. I had planted a Montmorency cherry tree about a year before we sold our house in Edmond, OK, and if I could have dug it up and transported, I would have. It hadn't produced but was due to do so. I wonder if it's still there!
Cheree, I love the added borders you chose to use and the colors that you used too! What a pretty quilt!
Super cute in Bonnie & Camille fabrics!!! You did a great job enlarging the pattern to a useable size for a big person, too!
I like the blocks you chose to add as a border. Looks great!
Redlizard70 said…
Subscribe-check. My favorite VRPattern is the one I'm sewing at the time. Of this bunch I might pick 31 for how different it will look based on the panel. Now on to your quilt. Adding the additional borders made it look like an entirely different pattern. It's genius. Quilters are such delightful people. Thanks for sharing and participating.
SewHappy28 said…
I have subscribed to your email - thank you.
I love the borders you have added to Gypsy... and it is now my favorite of the five !
Renea said…
I am a new follower and a new fan after looking around on your blog. I was going to say Twinkle was my favorite pattern but after seeing what you did with Gypsy pattern it is my new favorite. Would love to know the size of the flying geese you made. Thanks for the inspiration!
Sherry said…
Thank you for showing your process for enlarging the quilt. I like how it turned out.

I have subscribed to your blog.
Nann said…
I've subscribed! I really like the way you added to Gypsy. I have had fun making all five patterns for my day on the Hop -- I think my favorite is 31. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
Unknown said…
I have subscribed. I haven't decided on my favorite pattern yet. I am enjoying how everyone is doing theirs. Helps me with ideas
Anonymous said…
I happily subscribed to your blog and the timing is perfect. A quick baby quilt for a friend is in my near future. Your added borders are gorgeous!
mayme said…
I love what you did with Gypsy. Headed to subscribe to your blog.
Laura said…
I subscribed. I think my favorite is "31".
Anonymous said…
I love Gypsy and am inspired by what you did with it! I just subscribed - looking forward to more inspiration.
Anita said…
I just subscribed. Love the Gypsy pattern. Good use of a layer cake.
Jan Snell said…
I am already a subscriber and I now see great possibilities in each of the patterns. I think I like the 31 pattern best at present as I have some panels that need to be used up.
Kate said…
A very pretty finish, perfect for spring. I like how you put your spin on the pattern.
Donna said…
I subscribed!! Your quilt is awesome!! Your choice of fabric is great. Initially I thought Twinkle was my favorite but now I think Gypsy may be!!
Jo said…
I just subscribed to your blog. Thanks. My favorite of these is Twinkle. I can really relate to your comment Re needing an easy interim project, as I have three long term ones going right now!
Anonymous said…
Subscribed! I love the Twinkle pattern. I really like how you added the borders to the Gypsy pattern to give it more character.
Rachel said…
Subscribed to your blog! LOVE your interpretation of the Gypsy pattern, Orchard Daze is perfectly named. The borders add so much to the center fabrics, just beautiful! Gypsy is my favorite of the pattens!
Sara said…
That extra border really added some fun to an already pretty quilt. Great job!!
LizzyAstro said…
Love your version of Gypsy! I would choose Ebb Tide from this set of patterns and I have subscribed to your blog.
Janice said…
Love how you made the quilt bigger by adding the boarders. Doing a lot of Quilt of Valor and a lot of quick patterns are small and need to have additional blocks or boarders will pick this option in mind.
thank you for the inspiration.
Cindy Berry said…
Good morning. I love that darling quilt. Great job. Thanks for the chance to win. I love the twinkle pattern.
Cindy Berry said…
And I forgot to say I subscribed to your emails. Look forward to receiving them.
Kathleen said…
This is a great version of Gypsy. I love the added borders and the quilting is perfect. My favorite pattern in this group is Gypsy. I know that I will make it again and was going to try to work it up in charm squares and see if that will work! I am thinking it is a good one for leftovers from a quilt too.
bcarlf said…
I like your version of the pattern a lot. I may be tempted to try it. I also like the Clover pattern. I tend in my old age to do smaller things and I really like table runners and such. This blog hop looks like so much fun. Thanks so much as it keeps me looking forward to being involved.
Deb FitzGerald said…
I subscribed. Gypsy is my favorite of the new patterns. Love your added borders. It took the pattern to a whole new level of cool.
Michelle Boswell said…
I’ve subscribed

I love the borders you added to the Gypsy pattern! I have a stash FQ that needs a pattern and this feels right for it. Love this pattern and the additions you did.
Annmarie said…
Couldn't find how to subscribe to emails at the top of the blog. Love the Gypsy pattern the best and love, love, love how your setting made for a larger quilt. Thanks sew much for the idea!
piecefulwendy said…
Love how your version of Gypsy turned out! It's so cheerful and pretty! Nice post, too!
Annmarie said…
oops, found the sign up. Looking forward seeing to all you do!
Anonymous said…
I am a subscriber. I would love to make Gypsy with some large scale prints and love your border addition!
Jeana said…
Love your gypsy version!
Anonymous said…
coffee, lists, and time challenged roosters...I've found my way home! The Gypsy pattern will fit my skill. My sister used the same fabric for the cuddle quilt for my birthday!
Dyane Frig said…
I have registered for your blog. I love the Gypsy quilt. It is great for a quilt that needs to be done in a hurry. You did a marvelous job with your borders.
Anne-Marie said…
I like Twinkle, but seeing what you've done with Gypsy, it might now be my favorite. LOVE the borders you added.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! What a fabulous way to start off the blog hop quilt parade with this beauty. Those fabrics - just a gorgeous color palette. It finished off so nicely - makes me want to snuggle underneath it right now. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Nikki said…
I subscribed. Love your Gypsy and its enhancements. It's inspired me! I also like Twinkle as I am a scrappy quilter and I think it would work with scraps.
Charlene Morris said…
Love that border idea. The patterns are great but with creativity they are even better.
I joined your blog and look forward to it.
Carol C. said…
I just subscribed. I would have said my favorite was the pattern Twinkle, but after seeing what you did with Gypsy Rose... I love it!!
Lena Lyn said…
I love it especially the flying geese border variation.
Vicki in MN said…
I love this easy effective pattern, I might have to make it one day! I like the addition of the borders.
Shirley D. said…
I just subscribed. You and I share the same favorite -- I like this Gypsy pattern, and I really like the borders you added to make it bigger. I'm inspired!
Quilting Gail said…
Your quilt is beautiful!!! I LOVE the addition of the flying geese and churn dashes!!! Thanks for sharing!
Louise Wathen said…
I love your finish to the Gypsey. The flying geese really add. I made up three kits for this pattern this week two received the added borders the 3rd an extra row of blocks. All St. Paddy’s.
Lori said…
I also love gypsy and have made several. I do love your borders!
Kristine S said…
I have just subscribed and I loved your take in Gypsy. I was leaning toward Twinkle but that border you added with the flying geese and churn dash made me get very excited about Gypsy. Thanks for the inspiration!
Joyful Quilter said…
The added border really makes the quilt top zing! My favorite of the 5 is Twinkle, perfect to use up some small scraps.
Lyndanna said…
I'm subscribed. Love your quilt. My favorite is 31.
Louliz said…
Gypsy us a great pattern for showing off beautiful prints.
I love what you did!
I'm subscribing. I love how you enlarged this quilt. It makes it my favorite so far.
MrsBurns said…
I finally subscribed!
My favorite pattern is probably "Gypsy " it is a beautiful quilt
I love the border that you added to make it bigger. Gorgeous work!
Tracie said…
Bigger is always better for a quilt. I love your added border! You’ve inspired me to see this quilt with new possibilities.
Emmalou said…
My favorite of the new cards is "Gypsy" for the reasons you shared! I love quick and easy patterns that can be easily added to with some fun borders.
I'm subscribed and like twinkle.
Donna P. said…
I love Gypsy - so pretty with those big prints and even some of the 1920 and 30 prints. I've subscribed to your blog.
Bernie Kringel said…
Love the additional borders. You added a lot of interest to the quilt and made it a good size since you didn't need a baby quilt. Well done Cheree!
Tawnee said…
Subscribed, I own 31 and twinkle. I am struggling to find the perfect fabric for twinkle!
Kathy H said…
I really like your version of the gypsy quilt. And adding the geese to the border is perfect.
Pat Gossett said…
Of the five VRD patterns I have used EbbTide many times. Love the colors that you used in Gypsy and adding the interesting borders was a great idea.
Sewgirl said…
I really love how your quilt turned out. You chose really great fabrics to make that pattern shine! I think I am most fond of "31", as I like the down and dirty way of using panels for a quick gift! Thanks for sharing your giveaway too!
Barb said…
I can't decide between Gypsy and Twinkle--like them both--and i really like your quilt--so fun to see different versions of the patterns!
barbkaup(at)(yahoo)(dot)(com) I signed up for E-mail--thanks!!
Barbara c said…
I like your idea of adding borders. Will look at Gypsy again for a donation quilt for a church raffle. Thanks for the idea. I really like the fabrics i have chosen, but not the pattern.
I have joined the blog -- thanks
Pat Dillard said…
I subscribed to your blog.
I love what you did to Gypsy by adding borders. I have made a few of them for baby quilts and lap quilts.
I think I would like to try “31” next!,,,
Robin said…
I just subscribed and I wanted to say I love the border on your Gypsy quilt.
I subscribed and
my favorite of the 5 new VRD patterns is 31. However, I love what you did with Gypsy! The border with the churn dash and flying geese was genius! I tend to just do the pattern and a border but what a great way to take the pattern to the next level! thank you for sharing!
Karen said…
I'm thinking Gypsy is, only because of what your quilt looks like! It's beautiful!!
mango968 said…
I just subscribed to your blog. My favorite of the five patterns is the one you chose, Gypsy. It looks like a good one for a beginner like me.
Paula said…
Love Villa Rose designs and have made several. Thank you for participating in the blog hop!
Lee said…
The Gypsy quilt is a nice pattern! I would love to do 31 as I have a panel I could use for that! I enjoyed reading your blog! Subscribed !!
Emily B. said…
I haven't decided on my favorite pattern yet because I'm getting wonderful ideas from all the blogs. I subscribed and look forward to reading.
sue s said…
I'm glad to meet you and I have just subscribed to your blog! Gypsy is my first choice and, like you, I would need to add a border or two. I like your choices.
Sharon Aurora said…
I am subscribed. I think my favorite is 31, but they are all nice.
AnnieBikes said…
I actually love the Twinkle pattern!! Very cute. Your fabrics were wonderful on the Gypsy quilt. The pattern would be great with Christmas fabrics. I can't find where to subscribe or I would!
Grunge+Grace said…
I just subscribed! I love your version of Gypsy, especially with the added border! I think my favorite is Twinkle, I love working with HSTs!
MaryAnn said…
This blogging commenting is a cumbersome process. Thanks for sharing your quilting journey with Villa Rosa designs!
Deb said…
I love the Gypsy pattern and have used this as a backing pattern for some of my smaller quilts. I love how you increased the size by adding those decorative borders. Thanks for the inspiration. I am a new subscriber to your blog.
chrisknits said…
How adorable, and I love the addition of the borders!!
Havplenty said…
What a creative way to enlarge a quilt pattern. I love your reimagined quilt.
Karrin Hurd said…
Beautiful quilt, I love your fabrics! I am subscribed with both of my emails.
Gaynel said…
I subscribed to your blog. I really like your quilting studio. I would love to make the Villa Rosa card called "Twinkle". I would use black fabric as a background and colorful fabric for the rest. I loved your fabric in gypsy too.
Awesome quilt.
Anonymous said…
My favorite is 31, BUT, I LOVE the additions you made to Gypsy!! Now, maybe my favorite is Gypsy (modified). Thanks.
o diane 79@yahoo .com
scottylover said…
I subscribed! My favorite of the new patterns is Twinkle. I love how you added borders to Gypsy, too! It turned out very nice and is more of a size I would use!
Sharon Blosser said…
I subscribed to your blog.

Vrd I like are
Shamrock snack mat
Turkey trot
PJ said…
Subscribed. My favorite of the blog patterns is Twinkle.
Pat Jones
Kathy E. said…
Your decision to add more elements to this quilt really make it special! Now it's really a good size for snuggling! I've followed your blog on Bloglovin for a long time, and now I've signed up for your emails too. My current favorite of the 5 new VR patterns is Twinkle.
Patience said…
I just subscribed! And I love what you did with the borders on Gypsy! I think that may be my favorite of the 5 new VRD cards!
Beth said…
I'm a new subscriber. You and I have some things in common--including a love of chickens and similar amounts of time as quilters. You're quilting on my dream machine, that lovely Pfaff! 😍 My favorite of the Blog Hop patterns in Gypsy for the very reasons your quilt demonstrates: how well it shows off favorite fabrics and how expandable it is.
Martha Gee said…
I really love your added border to the quilt! It adds some character and helps with focus. I think of the 5 I would have said twinkle or is it twinkie, but I really love what you've done with this pattern, so I might try it.
Cindy Shelley said…
Ebb Tide is my favorite pattern of the 5.
I subscribed
Lisa B said…
As I'm seeing all the different ways people are making 31 and Gypsy I'm excited to try both.
I subscribed.
Cwill21530 said…
I like the borders that you added! Gypsy is my favorite!
Anonymous said…
The fabric you choose is so lovely. The borders make the quilt unique. Very good inspiration!
GranChris said…
I really like Gypsy but that border made it wonderful. Any directions or you winged it. Great colors.
Pam Dempsey said…
Hi, I’m a subscriber and my favorite pattern is the Gypsy 🥰
Nancy McC said…
I have subscribed to your blog and really like the border you added to the Gypsy quilt for the blog hop!
Christi said…
I've subscribed. I wasn't sure which pattern I liked best until I saw your quilt. Your addition of borders really added to it and I'm thinking of all the different possibilities of borders you could do. Thanks for the inspiration.
Margaret Morton said…
I subscribed and attempted to post a comment; don’t know where it went.

Your Gypsy borders are great. Was looking for ideas for making this a bigger quilt for quilt charity/donations.
smithcindyk said…
I just subscribed! My favorite is Twinkle but I do love quick and easy Gypsy !
Great quilt, Cheree!! I love how you made your borders with flying geese and churn dash blocks! I thought I was already a member of your blog, but I subscribed again! It's hard to choose a favorite but it's a tie between Gypsy and 31!!
Pam S. said…
I just signed up for your emails! I like both Gypsy Rose and Ebb Tide! This blog hop is going to be fun! Love your version of Gypsy Rose and adding the borders hit it out of the ball park!
Rozz01 said…
I subscribed. Twinkle is my fav pattern.
Tracey said…
I love the Gypsy pattern and I just subscribed to your emails
tac73 said…
I subscribed to your blog. I like Twinkle and 31. Your Gypsy quilt is beautiful.
gstanton said…
Love your take on Gypsy. Any time Churn Dash is used it is great. The border design is spectacular. Nice to be introduced to you on the Blog hop1
Charlotte Henson said…
I just subscribed to your website. I love your Gypsy. My email is
Edwina said…
What a great idea to make this quilt a more usable size! Thank you for the inspiration.
Pamela said…
Gypsy is my favorite. I love what you did with it in Orchard Daze. And I love the idea of being able to make a quilt top in a day! I subscribed to your lovely blog.
Barb S said…
I have subscribed to your blog. The VRD pattern I like is Gypsy. I’m really into Kaffe fabric and this pattern will allow me to showcase his fabric wonderfully. I do like the fabric and color choices in the quilt you did. I find it very soothing.
Sandi1100 said…
I subscribed to your Blog. Gypsy Rose was not a favorite but after seeing your quilt, I love it. Your quilt is beautiful! I also like Twinkle and Ebb Tide.
Ann said…
I subscribed, loved your finished quilt and want to start on Twinkle soon.
I subscribed! Gypsy is a great pattern. Looks very quick. And I LOVE that you sell quilts for charity on Etsy! I’m going to check that out!
Bonnie58 said…
Wow. Great prizes. I love Villa Rose patterns. They are such fun and I love your quilt. Great selection of colours for the pattern style. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I am an email follower
Sarah Aldrich said…
That pattern looks like so much fun! Love what you did with the borders!
Anna brown said…
Love this quilt and it's nice too see a quilter that can work out of the box too... I'm going to add your blog... I just bought Pacific Grove so cant wait to whip that up
Kate Marie said…
I love that you sew on a Pfaff! I also love how you enlarged the quilt and made it your own. Beautiful job. I am trying to subscribe but am not able to click through.
Karen said…
I like the pattern you used, but my favorite is twinkle.
Brilliant upsize on your version of the Gypsy pattern, Cheree!!
Anita Gambrell said…
I absolutely love your Gypsy quilt ! The fabrics are beautiful. I’ll be following you now!!
Jayne said…
I love your adaptation of this pattern. Gypsy pattern looks like a quick make
Bonnie said…
Love that pattern... I would never have thought of adding that cool border. Your color choices make it look like 🌟spring🌟. You did a great job.
Beth Anne Smith said…
Beautiful job with Gypsy. I like how you expanded the pattern. And I subscribed to your newsletter too.
C.J. said…
I love the fabrics you picked :)
My favourite pattern is the Ebb Tide, oh, and I've subscribed.
Jackie N said…
I really like your fabric pull:)
Becky W. said…
I love how you started with a card pattern then made it your own by adding to it for a larger quilt! Well done! Love the fabrics you used, too.
Bobbie said…
Ebb Tide is my favorite new pattern
Carol M said…
Absolutely love the color palette you used! It makes me want to make this quilt. I also was watching Quilted Joy when you were the "Lookey Loo" of your studio, which it beautiful and so organized!
Samantha Burnside said…
I think I have already left s comment without my email. I think Gypsy Rose turned out phenomenal with the fabric you chose. Thanks for considering me for this contest.
Andrea Alley said…
I really like what you did with Gypsy! I have some fabric with some large prints that I don't really want to cut up into small pieces. This looks like it would work really well!
Lisa England said…
Now that I have seen what you did with the Gypsy pattern it has become my favorite. What a great way to make it your own!
Rosanne Riley said…
I love the blog hop idea since I have had two hip replacements and can’t drive for 4 weeks. This helps feed my creativity. Thank you.
Lynn said…
I love how you added extra borders to make the gypsy quilt bigger. I do this all the time myself. Beautiful quilt!!!
Anonymous said…
I love the borders you added. What a great way to make the quilt larger. Makes me want to start with that center.
I also like the Twinkle pattern
Sew @
Anonymous said…
My favorite pattern is Gypsy. I love your addition to the pattern. Thanks for the great idea.
Emily F said…
Looking at just the cards, I really liked the Twinkle pattern, but seeing the borders you added to you quilt I love it!
Donna T. said…
The Gypsy quilt you made would be a great way to make an easy baby quilt with various novelty prints for a boy or girl as a gift or a charity quilt!
Terri said…
I love what you did with the Gypsy Quilt. I was also liking the Twinkle pattern.
Sonya said…
I like gypsy as well. I make one with a Tula Pink layer cake, carefully laid out by my daughter.
dgs said…
What a sweet design which does look fun and fast. I love your fabrics and the overall look is brilliant, as well as inspiring.
I really like your version of the gypsy quilt pattern. It's a great way to use up fabric in the stash, which is what I am all about.
cathy wells said…
I am excited to try gypsy!!
Carol said…
My favorite pattern is the Clover. Your Gypsy quilt looks so good with the boards you added!
Christine said…
I like the pretty Bonnie & Camille prints you used for the Gypsy pattern and the nice border. Very fresh and spring feeling. I have the Gypsy pattern and some of those prints also. You have given me a nice idea to use them.