Week 30 Tuesday To Do: Moving Along

Hello do'ers and welcome to my weekly check-in with

Last Tuesday I switched things up a bit and laid out
my plans for the rest of the year but today I'm back
to sharing a weekly to-do list.  

* * * Week 28 Priority * * *
Photograph and list Radiant Fall

2)  Quilt Crisp Fall Day; finish, take pics and list

Mostly Done.

Quilted, bound and labeled. 

3) Cut out next project:  Cross & Crown by Sandra Clemons

I was ready to start cutting but it suddenly hit me that my
background wasn't quite right.  The stash was no help so
I set it all aside until something else showed up...
which took about 24 hours.   It's already arrived but
while I was waiting, I started something else.
More on that in a bit.

4) Work through some online classes.  DONE
I thought this was totally worth it and
I can't wait to try out some of the things I learned. 

5) Finish that mid-year list
DONE.   Posted last week.  

Now, you'd think that after making that big ol' list
that when I set Cross & Crown aside, I'd just pick the
next thing in line or even from anywhere on the list.
I had just stumbled across a pattern I'd forgotten about.
And then I saw a FQ set that I'd been wanting to play with.
I figure no further explanation is needed
considering the company I am among, right?

Enter "Poolside".  But in way different colors.
And that will kick off my list for next week.

* * * Week 30 Priority * * *
Piece "Poolside" by Flemings 9.

Leave it to me to take a cheery, summery pattern
and make it all mellow fall and stuff. 

I think I'm calling this one Sweater Weather, though it
doesn't quite have that feel to it I was hoping for.  

When I add in the other blocks, I think it'll bring it home.

Matching diagonal seams are a thing with me so I
separated my units out into groups of 50 (blocks) and
am pressing these seams as I go to make sure they
nestle just right.  Slow going, but worth it.

2) Get pics and list quilts.
Like I said, I'm excited to try the new things I've learned
but the humidity has been BRUTAL so there will be no
lugging quilts around until I get decent weather.
I draw the line there.

3) Find border for Fair Isle Friends and complete

I was hoping to get more of the purple fabric I used
for the stars but it turns out that isn't available anywhere.
(even though I just bought the FQ).  A trip to the LQS for a
different dark purple is needed...whenever I can fit that in.
This isn't anything special to me so I'm in no hurry.

That's it for me this week.
Tomorrow is a sew day with a friend.  I may be starting yet
another new project--which makes me panic a bit.  You all
know I'm not a multi-project kind of person but knowing
I have plenty of time to get them all done is helpful.
The bonus is that I should have lots to show next week!

Happy quilting!


Poolside should be fun to work on. Hopefully you find a great purple for that border. Have fun with both of your new projects. Now you know how so many of us have so many UFO's. Lots of time to start, not much time to finish.
Such gorgeous quilts. Love Crisp Fall Day. Have a wonderful time working on your new project.
I like that Cross & Crowns pattern - lovely block
Kate said…
Looks like you've already gotten a good start on Poolside. Fair Isle Friends turned out beautifully. Hopefully you can find the perfect purple to finish that one off. Happy stitching this week.
piecefulwendy said…
Poolside is a fun design, and it will look great in your fall colors! I'm with you on lugging those quilts around on humid days - nope. Have fun sewing with your friend tomorrow!
Anne-Marie said…
Lovely projects. I've considered taking that photography class. Glad to know you found it worthwhile. It's horribly hot and humid here too.
grammajudyb said…
Oh Cheree! I missed your 1/2 year post, so went back to read it! You make me tired! So much insp! I loved Once Upon a Blue Pumplin. Anxito see the possibilities. Have a productive week! Are you still gardening too? I’ve been lax in blog visiting!
Sharon - IN said…
That is gong to be a great Fall quilt! And nesting seams, a must. Makes for happy sewing!