Tuesday To-Do Week 14: Two Finishes and a Trip to Annapolis/DC

Hello motivated do'ers and welcome to the weekly
and Sew & Tell hosted by Melva Loves Scraps!

Sorry about the skip last week but I was busy trying
to pop out 2 more finishes before we headed out to
finally see the cadet compete live--instead of on
Instagram where we've watched them these 4 years.
I'll get to that fun stuff in a minute but first let's be
all-business and discuss my list from 2 weeks ago.

* * * Week 12 Priority * * *

1) Finish WP quilt #'s 5 and 6

Number 5 is a finish!
I preferred slightly smaller outer border on #5 but I
needed a larger quilt.  It works, and I got it to 65x80.

Number 6 just needs binding and label attached.
On this one I started first with a white border, making
 the design float a little.  This brought #6 to 71x86. 

I think that is it for the West Point quilts for a while.
They are my own designs and I really like them,
but working with the same colors for 8 quilts 
(6 plus the 2 I made my son)...
Well, I think you get me here.

These two quilts took up about all the time I had so
very little else on my list was completed.

2) Settle on charity challenge quilt design

3) Catch up on Edyta's QAL
Well, here we are on month FOUR and I'm totally behind...

4) Piece 2nd layer-cake quilt (chain)
Nada, but no hurry.

5) Get pics of 3 finished quilts and list
Nada, and there IS a hurry here!

And now for a little humor...
I did squeeze in one little practice round of golf all
by my onesie.  It was totally worth braving the early
morning cold to get the entire course to myself for the
first hour.  That is when I get my best practice in!

(No we still don't have leaves on our trees!)
(UPDATE:  Actually, they're all coming out now!)
Anyhoo, so I was working my way (quite nicely) toward
#10 when something shiny in the tree caught my eye.

Apparently someone was feeling a little frustration.
Oh, I know the feeling buddy!  I'll never throw
my clubs but I do know the feeling.
(Just not right then; I parred that hole--yay me!)

In other news...

On Thursday we travelled to Annapolis, MD where the
US Naval Academy was hosting the Army/Navy track meet.
We stayed at a historic inn right on Main Street which is full
of fun shops (where I found some cute things) and great
restaurants (where I ate too much--ugh!  But seafood!).

We also popped into Maryland's capital building.

On Saturday things got really fun when the cadet set
 a new PR AND took first over Army's biggest
rival (mostly friendly) with a vault of 16' 7"! 


Sunday we headed to Washington DC to do a little
sightseeing and museum-touring.  Hubs has been
there plenty but I have not and I was very pleasantly
surprised by how gorgeous the buildings are and how
clean and tidy everything appeared.

By the next afternoon, we had walked over 18 miles just
around the nation's capital so I'm thinking if you add in
the walking in Annapolis, at least a good portion of all
of that yummy food and drink was burned off before we
got back home.  Well that's my hope anyway!

It was a great trip and I'm so glad we were there for the
cadet's big win.  It's really pretty overwhelming to think on
all the places we've been in recent years!  I love to travel
but I'm also a huge homebody, and right now I'm pretty
happy to be home this morning enjoying my morning
coffee in my studio.  I keep saying that after next month,
I think we should just stay home for a whole year!
(Pfft.  Yeah right.)

Moving on to next week.  Being Holy Week there will
be other activities going on but I'll try to fit in some
quilting as time allows.

* * * Week 15 Priority * * *

Work on "Autumn Shimmer 2"

I need a different name for this one.  If you caught my
April monthly goal, you know that I am making a second
version of my above quilt that I sold a couple years ago.
Maybe it's a little odd to be working with fall colors right
now but I love them so it's all good.  I plan to whip right
through this one and then move on to something springy

Other plans

2) Cut out and piece blocks on charity quilt

3) Catch up on Edyta's QAL

4) Piece 2nd layer-cake quilt (chain)

5) Get pics of 3 finished quilts and list
C'mon weather!  Play nice!

Speaking of buying up fabric,
I come to you now from the Box of Shame. 

2023 Stash Report
Fabric Purchased: 130yds
Fabric Used: 75yds
Net: +55yds

 Yes, I have purchased that much fabric already this year.
But you should see the deals I've gotten!!  
(Don't laugh--I'm serious!)
I love every thread of every fabric I've purchased.
I'm really too good at this game, especially in light of
the rising costs of fabric, but it's probably time to stop
opening sale emails and stop visiting clearance racks.
(Okay, now you can laugh!)
In my defense, I have made 5 big quilts among some very
busy months for me.  I'm looking at yet 2 more busy months
 and then things should settle in and, amazingly, it'll be time
to ramp up the production for the holidays.  (Sheesh!)

I think I've already pushed it with the pumpkin so maybe
I'd better stop right there at the mention of the holidays!
But there's nothing wrong with staying ahead of it all,
quilty friends!  I'm just sayin'.
But I'm gonna need more coffee!

Happy quilting!


Kate said…
Congrats on all the progress in the sewing room. Good luck with this week's goals. Congrats to the Cadet on breaking his PR and on the meet win. Enjoy your at home time. I'm with you, I'm a home body and would be completely happy with staycations. Thankfully My Guy has convinced me to go to some really cool places. The DC trip looks like it was a lot of fun.
grammajudyb said…
Yay you, for getting those last 2 WP quilts done. You are amazing! I like the one with the inner white border. Very nice. Extra special to get to be there to cheer your cadet on! Thanks for the video! Splendid effort! I’ve only been to DC once as a high school senior, but I was impressed! Advice from this “old lady “… travel while you are able! We thought we would when we retired, but aging happened and we don’t go much at all. Walking 18 miles is out of the question!
Melva said…
How funny that you spotted the club in the tree. That poor golfer... :'( Good job on your finishes. I hope that you'll consider joining the Sew & Tell party at Melva Loves Scraps =D
chrisknits said…
How wonderful to be there to share in his success!! I could NEVER do a pole vault. I can't get past the 3rd rung of a ladder. Eek! Beautiful plans and schemes, and who cares what the numbers are right now, it's Dec 31st that counts!
Your WP quilts are beautiful, and I hope they're selling for you! Looks like a very fun trip, too. I enjoy going away, but always love to come home, like you! We know you will use all that fabric in many beautiful quilts. Have a wonderful week!
piecefulwendy said…
I enjoyed this entire post (but then I always do enjoy all of your posts) - what a fun week you've had, and you've gotten so much done! I recall stories of golfers who would throw their clubs in frustration, but never had any of them in my company. It certainly throws everything off (no pun intended - well, maybe a little). Congrats to your son on his win - hubs was very impressed when I told him about it - said anything over 16' is impressive. :-) How about Autumn Sunshine for the new name for that quilt - when I look at the blocks I see sunshine in some of those stars.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I can see why you need a little break from the WP colors. Your Autumn Shimmer quilt is just gorgeous! I don't think I ever get tired of seeing that color palette regardless of the season. How wonderful that you got to see your cadet in action. The days are counting down for him, and to have made a PR and taken first place with you two in the audience is just priceless. That makes my heart so happy for all of you. Good luck with your list this week and Happy Easter to you and your family. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Ivani said…
Both WP quilt are gorgeous. Cheree.
I have not known it was your creation. Congrats!!
How cool you were there when cadet won! Love watching the video.
Have a great week.
Sharon - IN said…
What a great week! Everything from finished quilts, to club in tree(!), and a new PR, seeing our Capital & museums & monuments. What a good week! Oh, and great sales for quilt supplies too! That's the way to buy!
Marti said…
Your West Point quilts are breath-taking. I literally gasped. Big congratulations your son's big win!

That is so funny about the club in the tree. I wonder if the golfer tried to get it down before going home. I've never played golf but there are so many jokes about throwing clubs that I wonder how frustrating it is. Kind of like ripping out quilt blocks?

I would love to go to Washington DC. Did you take any tours while you were there?

Good luck with your to do list this week. You've got a lot going on.
I like how that one quilt floats. I bought fabric last week, too, for 2 different quilts.
Needled Mom said…
It sounds like you have definitely been making the most of your hours each day. I chuckled at the club in the tree. I think we've all felt that way a time or two. What a game!

Your quilt finishes are wonderful. Those colors make a very impressive quilt.

So glad that you got to watch the meet in person. It had to be incredible to see him set his new PR. Looks like you enjoyed your time there. Like you, I love to travel, but love being home too. It's the "catching up" when I return that I hate!

Have a blessed Holy week and Easter.