Tuesday To-Do Week 12: Starts & Finishes

Hello motivated do'ers and welcome to our weekly
along with Sew & Tell by Melva Loves Scraps!
Gosh the Tuesdays just keep rollin' by!  With time
flying like that, I think I'll just to get right to it!

* * Week 11 Priority! * *
Start on West Point quilt #5
Lots of progress!

I'm needing a larger version of a previously-made
 WP quilt (pictured above).  I keep fabrics in these colors
on hand but bigger quilts = bigger amounts of fabric.
After runs to two LQS's, I'm now set with enough fabric to
 make at least one and perhaps a few more.
Oh, okay, I may have brought home a few other fabrics
as well, but don't get me off-topic!

I'm focused and currently working on making two of them.

2) Design and start challenge quilt for local charity
Still looking through ideas but I picked up some
coordinating fabrics while at the LQS's.

3) Start charity quilts for church sewing group.

Being fairly short on time, I really need all of these charity
quilts to be pretty simple so for this first one I chose
Jenny Doan's (MSQC) Charm Quilt On-Point tutorial.
It's an interesting (and quick!) construction but it left
a couple sets of same-fabric squares right next to 
each other.  I think with most charm packs, though,
there is more variety so that's less likely to happen.
These donated charm packs contained only 21
squares each.  I believe someone said they
thought they were from Big Lots?  They all required
straightening and/or trimming to size but for non-LQS
fabric, I thought the quality was decent enough
and prints were cute.

Most of this is from donated fabric but I added the
border and backing fabrics along with the batting
that I pieced together from a few large scraps.

If I hadn't first worked on something else and gotten an
earlier start on this, I could have actually made it entirely
in one day.  I finished the quilting by late afternoon but
had to put off the binding for the next day.
Still, not too bad at all!

One charity quilt down, several more to go..

4) Quilt MIL's second quilt

This one turned out really well
(I still need to get both quilts back to my MIL though!)

And for those other two side gigs: 

1) Edyta Sitar's QAL
No progress.

2) Second of "two baby quilts from one layer cake"
No progress.

Other things:
Tilled 2 beds in the garden and planted the early crops.
Cleaned asparagus patch and discovered spears shooting
up already!  Our fence is ready to be picked up already so
I've started tearing down the old wooden one.

I continue to deal with tech issues but I learned that
this latest was just a faulty pedal on my new Pfaff.
I just love the machine and it continues to save me
so much time in various ways (outside of two extra
trips to the store for diagnosing!) so I'm relieved that
it was such a simple fix.  However, I'm starting to feel
like simple days of sewing and quilting must only
exist in some sort of fantasy world.

The week ahead should shed a little light on that.
As of right now, most of my week is open for sewing
and quilting with a little garden work and golf thrown in
to get me out of the house so I made an aggressive list:

1) Finish WP quilt #'s 5 and 6

2) Settle on charity challenge quilt design

3) Catch up on Edyta's QAL

4) Piece 2nd layer-cake quilt (chain)

And if the weather just happens to cooperate:

5) Get pics of 3 finished quilts and list

That's a hefty list so I'd better get right on it.
See you all right back here next week.
Happy quilting!


Linda said…
That charity quilt turned out really cute. I have never thought to look for charm packs at Big Lots. Glad you are loving your new toy! What do you use to till your garden? We used to rent tillers then I started reading about layered gardening and tried that for awhile. My husband was not a fan - he wanted to get in there and till that soil! Are you going to install the new fence yourselves?
Hopefully you will have a no fuss quilting week this week. I haven't been sewing, but I've been prepping LOTS of paper pieced blocks for some upcoming projects.
grammajudyb said…
You go girl!! I don't think I ever was as energetic as you, even when I was much younger. That charity charm quilt turned out nice. I don't mind the same fabrics adjoining. From here it's just wonderful.:)
One of these days it will be spring here and I can think about planting and growing things. Minimal, for sure. But there will be color on the porch and maybe tomatoes and herbs on the deck.
chrisknits said…
Very sweet finishes this week, that charm pack came from Big Lots? Who'd thunk it! Love your MIL's quilt, so simple let striking with the contrast. Good luck on your "aggression" LOL!!!
piecefulwendy said…
You are cracking right along with your projects. I like the simplicity of that charm square on point design - fast and fun. You get so much done in a day!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! The colors in the WP quilt #5 and #6 are so striking. Some additional fabrics just might have come with you, too?!! You are only human and our LQS is supposed to tempt us. Great job on the charity quilt - I'm 100% certain that they appreciate your devotion to getting these complete. Just as your MIL appreciates your help with getting her pretty patriotic quilt to the finish line. Good luck with your list for the week. I have no doubt you can make a hefty dent in it! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Ivani said…
Cherree, I am not sure that your day has only 24 hours! You had so much done in just one week!!!
WP is a pretty quilt,the squares on point is a cute quilt for donation and will warm and give confort for someone in need.
Best wishes for a nice week.
I haven't heard of getting charm packs at Big Lots either, but glad you thought the quality was pretty good. They made a sweet quilt! I like that design. Gardening season is ramping up - I bet your home-grown asparagus is yummy!
Bonnie said…
Lots of fun quilts here. Nice job on the quilting on your MIL quilt. I really like the design of that quilt too. Hope you make progress on your list this week.
Carol Andrews said…
Cheree you are working on two more WP quilts as well as trying to do several charity quilts? That is an ambitious goal without gardening and hopefully golfing! Fingers crossed your tech issues are resolved and you are having a better week this week. Your charity quilt is pretty and your MIL's quilt is a real beauty. Great job on thequilting. I always look forward to seeing what you are doing. My golf course is slowly melting off. We might see golfers out and about Mid April when we get back from vacation. My DH is looking forward to it already. Good luck with your list this week. Hope your sewing tie is going well. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday.
Needled Mom said…
I always love seeing your WP quilts. The donation quilt turned out well too. Simple days of quilting are few and far between, it seems. I'm glad the Pfaff was an easy fix. My sister had major problems with her Pfaff too and they finally declared it a lemon. It sounds like you have a good jump on the garden this year. It won't be long before you will be enjoying the harvest from it.