Week 28 Tuesday To Do

Hello do'ers and welcome to my weekly check-in with

After a couple weeks of rain and cooler temps,
I think we're on our way back up the thermometer.
I've really enjoyed the easy, no-watering-needed
gardening but, as they say, all good things must
come to an end.

Except maybe quilt bucket lists.
Those never really end, do they?

But yearly quilt lists do, and since we're on the back side
of 2023, I'm busily working my way to the end of my
Final Fifteen list--to be completed by October, or at least
very close to.  I'm looking forward to the purchases on this
year's shop hop being very guilt-free due to all the space
I'll have freed up in the stash.

Let's see how things are going so far...

* * * Week 27 Priority * * *
Bind & label Radiant Fall--DONE!
A complete finish.

Radiant Fall (72X82)

I was feeling a bit under the weather so I haven't had
time to get a proper photo shoot done on this one.

Here it is as it came off the longarm where the
colors show better.  It only needs those pics
and then it'll be ready for listing.

2) Start on next quilt--DONE!
Yep, I started it--and it's already a finished top!
The backing is prepped and the batting is airing.


It's another one that needs better lighting.  The colors
are so much brighter in person, esp that pieced border.

I had originally intended to use the black fabric in the center
of each shoo-fly block for the outer border as well but it just
made the quilt dark, almost dreary even, and I wanted it
to remind me of a glorious, crisp fall day.
I went with the gold (also the backing) which isn't quite the
look I was after either but that's all the stash offered up.
The black will come in at the binding. 

3) Finish up that mid-year list
This is still a work in progress but the good news
is that I'm already checking things off of it!

* * * Week 28 Priority * * *
Photograph and list Radiant Fall

Last week I shared some of the great photos I was able
to get of "Versailles" at a local coffee shop where I've
found the greatest lighting in their upstairs room.

I think both Radiant Fall and Crisp Fall Day
(Are you picking up on my theme here??)
will require that lighting.  If I go at 7am, I'll likely have
the room to myself for a good hour.  Photographing
Versailles took all of about 15 minutes (SO happy!!)
but I'll likely need to set up a stand for these.

2)  Quilt Crisp Fall Day; finish, take pics and list
A big undertaking but I hope to get it all done.

3) Cut out next project:  Cross & Crown by Sandra Clemons

I'm really excited about this one!
I have a FQ set picked out and I'm ready to go.
This one won't be specifically fall colors but I think
it will easily work with fall decor.

4) Work through some online classes
(photography and intro to pattern writing)

5) Finish that mid-year list:  The Final Fifteen
I'm beginning to wonder if the reason I'm struggling to get
my Final Fifteen down in a post is that even though I have
the first half picked out, I feel like my choices could change
any day.  I don't intend any of it to be set in stone though so
 I really want to get the suggestions put out there
for my own personal motivation at least.

And that's a wrap for today!
I'll see you all back here next week!
Happy quilting!


Kate said…
Radiant Fall turned out beautifully and so did your new project. That checked border really sets off the quilt. Good luck with your lists this week. Happy stitching.
piecefulwendy said…
Your quilts look great! There's definitely a fall theme going on and I love it! You sure can whip up those quilts quickly!
Anne-Marie said…
You are so fast! Nice work!
Radiant Fall is lovely! I'm still in Alaska, so no sewing or quilting for me.
chrisknits said…
Everything is so freaking awesome!! I snagged that free pattern at the link! Sweet!! And your coffee place photos will be perfect for showing off your gorgeous quilts!!
Every design you pick to work on turns out beautifully! It's so great that you found a good place for photographs- that's so tricky. I hope they're selling for you!
These are gorgeous, Cheree! I have a modified Cross and Crown block in my newest pattern that will be out this fall. Have fun making this one. It will be lovely, I'm sure. Thanks for linking up with us at Monday Musings!
dq said…
You have certainly accomplished a lot! Great work!
Radiant Fall is stunning, Cheree . You have a lot of gorgeous quilts in the works.
Sharon - IN said…
You are moving right along! Versailles and Radiant Fall are both lovely.