Tuesday To Do #51: Soul Quilting / Merry Christmas

"God is here. This truth should fill our lives, & every Christmas
should be, for us, a new & special meeting with God when we
allow His light & grace to enter deep into our soul." 
—Saint Josemaría Escrivá

Happy Tuesday to Do!  I also want to wish for a
beautiful and most blessed Christmas to find you all!

* * * Week 50 Priority * * *
Finish Peace & Joy


When I was making Silent Night (black & white) I just couldn't stop
envisioning a third one but in reds/ivories.  Add in a friend who
needed a quilt--in my mind at least--and a very supportive stash
and suddenly, in a flurry of quilty fun, Peace & Joy had emerged.

There is just something about this quilt that speaks to my soul.
In the beginning the busy background had me hesitating, and then
all of that red!   But the sort-of Victorian and/or nod to French
toile vibe makes the perfect traditional Christmas quilt in my mind.
I can't seem to get it out of my mind either.
Every time I looked at it (and now at these pics), my quilty soul felt
 at peace.  And so full of joy.  I wanted my friend to feel that, too.

In all that flurry of making it, I cut 
out way too many pieces but I do
feel all things happen for a reason.   Some of it was my distractedness
(phone calls, etc) and some of it, I just had a change of fabric-heart but
it's all going to result in one for me because I just. can't. stand.
the red/ivory yumminess.
But I hope having a second in the world doesn't take away from
the specialness of the first that was made with this friend in mind.

After my priority goal, I added a few more fun things:

2) Watch Christmas movies:  Done, and still going.

3) Finish up any partly-read books by a toasty fire
Working on it.  Just finished one last night!
I need four more to meet my 2023 reading goal of 25 books.
A wimpy goal compared to how much I used to read but it's
not something I make as much time for these days.  I also
now prefer deeper reading and those take longer.  One of my
current reads is The Spended and the Vile by Erik Larson,
which follows Winston Churchill through WWII.
(The brain in that guy!)
I had started listening to it but didn't realize it was such a
short loan from the library so I have since purchased the
book.  I'm just now really getting back at reading it.
(Oh, do I love history!)
I started listening to Schindler's List and decided it needs to
be physically read to really take it all in so it's definitely
on my list for 2024.  Okay, I'm totally digressing....

4) Light holiday cleaning here and there:  working on it.
The major cleaning is done but I'm fitting in other, less-important
tasks as the mood strikes.  When I'm caught up on things, it sure
seems more "fun" to clean.  I never mind cleaning; I just always
have other things I need/want to get done instead.

5) Holiday baking for fun:  working on it.
Again, same thoughts:  just whatever I'm in the mood for.
Unfortunately, I already bought most of the supplies so there are
a lot of fun ingredients in my kitchen that will really need to be
used over the holiday season, or I'll still have them by next year.
(If you still have your holiday grocery shopping to do, feel free
to stop by Chez de Chereé--very likely I have what you're needing!)

6) Walk and golf:  some but not near enough!
The golf only seems to be happening about once a week these days.
It does wonders for my physical well-being so I'm really struggling.
The weather has been nice enough for walking but it just isn't as fun
as smacking a little ball around but maybe I can try a little harder.

Well that wraps up my week.

My goal for week 52?  I can to continue working on those
above but I really just want us to be ready for Jesus.
No complicating it, no allowing distractions in.
Just be open and ready.
Happy quilting and Merry Christmas!


Gretchen Weaver said…
The red & ivory quilt is beautiful! Have a blessed Christmas!
Linda said…
Beautiful quilt! And I'm so happy there is one in the works for you. Sounds like your holiday prep is going well. Enjoy!
I have been starting a list of books to read and thanks for mentioning Schindler's List I need to add that one it has been years since I read it. I love reading books from that time era and feel people need to refresh their minds on what happened back then - the hatred ect so it doesn't happen again.
Kate said…
Peach and Joy is lovely! It does have a very vintage vibe. Congrats on all the progress on your to do list. I have a list for this week, but it's loose, I'm open to whatever happens on the family fun front. Have a very happy Christmas!
Carolyn said…
A truly lovely quilt, and I hope your friend is comforted with all the peace and joy you are feeling while working on it. Kudos for keeping the holiday focus on Jesus! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!
piecefulwendy said…
You are wrapping up 2023 so well, and I know you have a little bit more to finish, but you'll manage. Enjoy the time celebrating with your family! Love those red trees!
The red and ivory tree quilt is just gorgeous, Cheree! What a lovely gift for your friend. I'm going to get a round of golf in this afternoon- so fun to be doing that the week before Christmas! Have a wonderful, relaxing week, and Merry Christmas!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Your list for week 52 just brings tears to my eyes. Yes, please. Be open and ready. What a fabulous gift for your friend and making a version for yourself doesn't diminish its specialness one bit. I say spread the peace and joy all you possibly can. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I'm amazed that you're still able to golf. Do it just as often as you can as it fills your heart and mind with well-being. Who can ask for anything more? {{Hugs}} a bunch, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne
chrisknits said…
I was ready to be eager to see this version!!! I love it! I'm thinking that layer cake in my stash would be perfect!! But then I have eleventy billion other plans for that red/ivory too. LOL!
Cute red & white quilt. Glad you will have one for yourself, too.
Carol Andrews said…
Cheree I can totally understand how you managed to make so make extra pieces of the red/ivory quilt! It does bring a sense of peace when I look at your lovely photos and can just imagine your special friend’s feeling and enjoyment when she received it. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. 🤗
Carla said…
I just loved your beautiful post. And while I obviously enjoy the quilting aspect of your site, I'm so glad to hear you know and love Jesus and want to be ready for Him. Do you have a pattern for the beautiful quilt Peace and Joy or the black and white version? I'm a new quilter, but aspire to make beautiful quilts one day. Thank you for all you do. Blessings on your day.