Week 26 of Tuesday To-Do '23: Stop Moping and Have Some Fun!

Hello do'ers and do'er wanna-be's!  Welcome to the
(If are a wanna-be, how about making
yourself a weekly list and start joining us?)

This morning's coffee isn't quite all happiness.
The 2LT just left for Ft. Moore and the nest is back to
being empty.  It's never easy to see them leave, but we
always try to focus on just being excited for them as
they go off to their adventures.  And then I go focus
on getting busy.  Thank goodness for quilting, right?

Here's how I did last week:

* * * Week 25 Priority * * *
Finish Into the Woods and rename.

Quilted in Curly E2E, Cabin In the Woods finished up at 72x68.     

It was gifted to a beloved friend who we'll no longer
get to see very often.  At least it wasn't a complete
goodbye but it's all weighing very heavily on me.

So I did what I could to provide some comfort.
(For me?  For the friend?  Both?!?)
It's definitely the coziest quilt I've ever made!

2) Bind, label, photograph and list Versailles.
The quilt is finished but awaiting pictures and listing.

3) Start on another version of Autumn Shimmer
Thinking of calling it Radiant Fall but for quilts that I
sell I should probably avoid seasonal names unless
it's completely obvious--like pumpkin fabric.

It's a good thing I enjoy the cutting out because there
was plenty to be had.  And now I'm finding that this
mindless piecing is just what the doctor ordered!

I guess I'm not feeling particularly conversational
so I think I'll move right on to next week's list:

* * * Week 26 Priority * * *
Photograph and list Versailles.

2) Finish Radiant Fall (or other name?) top

3) Finish up mid-year list
I've made a crazy goal:  complete 15 quilts before the
holiday season hits.   Yes, fifteen.  I can do it.  I have
no major obligations or trips.  And it's about time
I finally get to put my full focus on my Etsy shop.
Even just ten would be awesome but hey,
why not shoot the moon?!?

I'll see ya all back here next week and hopefully
I'll have made such fantastic progress that we'll start
feeling a wee bit confident that I'll make that goal!

Happy quilting!


Gretchen Weaver said…
Cabin in the Woods is so pretty! You may name your quilts whatever you want to name them, even if it's not obvious to others. Happy stitching!
Kate said…
It is hard when the kiddo's head out, even though we know they are going where they are supposed to go. I get to see my kiddo next week, so I'm on the opposite from you at the moment. Good luck with your finishing plans for the rest of the year. I need to move in that direction too since I've got three finished quilt tops that need to be quilted.
Kim said…
That woodsy quilt is so pretty and will bring comfort, I'm sure, as it probably has to you as you made it.
grammajudyb said…
Cabin in the Woods is a great quilt and a great name for it. Empty Nesting is hard, but it gets easier as we settle into our lives and other passions. I rather like the name Radiant Fall! With those colors my head alway leans toward Fall or Autumn.
Cabin in the Woods turned out beautifully, and what a lovely gift for your friend! Best wishes to your 2L in his new career - now you get to see where he goes from here.
Quilting Gail said…
Cabin in the Woods is absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure your friend will LOVE it!
piecefulwendy said…
Cabin in the Woods really turned out well. I'm sure your friend will enjoy it. Your other projects are looking great! Hope you have been able to keep yourself busy today. You know I'm thinking of you!
Karin said…
Sometimes we just need to go within for a while and do just 'mindless piecing' or something similar. Go easy on yourself! I also rather like the name Radiant Fall. I do use seasonal titles for some of my quilts/patterns on Etsy.
Linda said…
Awww, I feel for you - some weeks are just like that. Glad you have cutting and mindless piecing to soothe you! Your autumn quilt is gorgeous. I should start on a fall quilt just to forget about the temperature outside!
dq said…
You definitely set yourself hefty goals and came out successful. Good work! Yes, it is sad to see our people go after a visit. It is a little nice to get back to the quiet again though, for me. Getting back to work is certainly a great soother.
Your Cabin in the Woods really is gorgeous!
Sharon - IN said…
Cabin in the Woods is delightful and I'm sure a heart felt gift. Your week sounds well planned as you adjust to your new home life.