Week 27 Tuesday To Do

Hello do'ers and do'er wanna-be's!  Welcome to the

A happy July 4th to you all!  My day will start with
some baking (gotta make hubs his blueberry pie!)
 and sewing but then it'll be off to the course for a
round of golf.  Yummy picnic fare with family will
follow and we'll watch the fireworks all around.
It should be a great day of celebration! 

Can you believe we're on the back side of 2023?!?
After today's festivities. it'll be back to biz in the studio
to see just how many of my quilt goals can be met!

First, a look at last week's progress:

* * * Week 26 Priority * * *
Photograph and list Versailles.


For months I've wanted to try taking quilt pics in the
upstairs room of my favorite coffee shop and I finally did!

Somehow I just knew the lighting there would be
the answer to correctly catching those whites
 and ivories that have been eluding me.

In just a fraction of the time it has been taking me
at home, I had all but the one full view pic..

...which I still had to get at home and in the
elements (wind!) but at least the others show
the true colors.

2) Finish Radiant Fall (or other name?) top
Done, and quilted!

Working on binding and label today.

The goal was to just complete the top but I wanted to try
to finish it entirely.  A busy weekend (ahem, golf) kept
that from happening but it is now quilted up which is
still pretty great.  The binding and label go on today.
Hopefully another easy photo shoot will quickly follow.

3) Finish up mid-year list
This has been fun and though it's not set it stone,
I still want to do a thorough job planning it out.
I'm still tweaking it a little here and there, trying to
avoid any spur-of-the-moment decisions that might
find me completely uninspired a week or so later.

I will at least share the first item,
my next project, in next week's goal list.

* * * Week 27 Priority * * *
Bind & label Radiant Fall
And as a bonus, photograph and list.

2) Start on next quilt:  Shoofly Spinners by Jessica Dayon
I searched for an online pic but I could only find it in this
I'll have to just get the top finished by next week so
I'll have an actual pic to share next time!

I want to use many of the same fabrics as those
from Radiant Fall so my pull is pretty much done,
though I want to narrow it down a bit.
Which means next up is the cutting (yeehaw)!

3) Finish up that mid-year list

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Fourth of July
holiday and I'll meet you all back here next week!

Happy quilting!


Carolyn said…
Wow! Two beautiful quilts or all-but-done. Good job on both of these! I will check back next week to see what the shoofly spinners looks like.
Both of your quilts are just gorgeous, but I especially love Radiant Fall! That's such a neat star block. I'm going to have to remember that one! Have a fun 4th!
Kate said…
Both quilts are gorgeous. Congrats on all the progress last week. Hope this week has been as good!