Week 34 Tuesday To Do: A Pivot to Fallishly Fun

Hey there!  It's Tuesday again!
So grab a beverage of choice and join me and
the others over at Quilt Schmilt's Tuesday To-Do 
where we all do a little progress check.

All across the country, kiddos are back in school.
These days might not be that relevant to me anymore
(though my oldest grandchild did start kindergarten!)
but there is still something about the back-to-school season
that changes things up a bit.  I think after the fun of summer,
we all feel like it's time to get real about the rest of our year.
Or something like that.

My feelings of gettin' real about the rest of the year hit
a few weeks ago in this post but those plans came
to a screeching halt last week.  Literally.
But I'll start with my progress since that's happier stuff.

* * * Week 34 Priority * * *
I thought it would be best to post this separately
yesterday and keep today to quilty stuff.
You can find the post here.

2) Finish Simply Pumpkin top & backing

I was hoping to add "quilted" to this but, er, no.

3) Bind and label Sweater Weather:

Sweater Weather 81 x 96

Not only did I finish it but I even got pics and listed it.
(can you believe it?!?)
I hesitated, though, because I really, really love this quilt.
I mean, really.

I thought, Well, maybe it won't sell and I can keep it.
Nope!  That baby sold within a few hours.

Along with Fall's Gold that I also just listed.

4) Finish Fair Isle Friends top & backing:  quilt, bind & label
Nope.  (See screeching halt issue.)

5) Start Cross & Crown

With all the Lucey activity and selling 2 quilts, I didn't
get as far as I'd like but decent progress was made.

That'll have to do.

Now about that screeching halt:
 Poor Lucey.   She had some loud bearing issues.
You think you get separation anxiety taking a domestic
machine in for service?  Try putting your longarm into
the hands of a FedEx man.  But hey, she already arrived
there safely and I know they'll take good care of her.
 She'll come back in better shape, likely in just a week-ish.

After my initial panic and tears of frustration, I realized that
the down time would be good since I have many other things
to work on.  Oddly, having Lucey out of my studio means one
less direction I'm being pulled.  It's also forcing me to address
some other things I've been putting off.
Hmm.  Methinks Someone is at work here.

So anyhoo, I still got plenty done last week and I know
this week should be a solid repeat of that behavior.
Ya gotta know how to pivot.

* * * Week 35 Priority * * *
Finish Cross & Crown top and back; name

2) Photograph Radiant Fall and list

3) Finish Simply Pumpkin top & backing
Make label.

4) Quilt Fair Isle Friends, bind & label
Just make label.

5) Bonus Item
I mentioned to hubs that I need a sick day.  I only get sick
for real once every 2 or 3 years so it looks like I might have
to brush up on my acting.

Very soon, September will make its glorious arrival.
Oh, hallelujah!

I found a wonderful Autumn Leaves Inspiration post over at
on Quilt Inspiration, along with a free pattern by Sandy Gervais.
So, ahem, cough cough, I think I'm coming down with something. 
I've completed plenty these past months so I'ma have some fun.
I'll pull up my favorite autumn video/music and usher in the
second greatest month of the year.  Bring it!
And bring a nice cool rainy day with it please?
(So far it doesn't look like it but a girl can hope.)

So that's my bonus item:  make a big ol' pivot and
just do something fallishly fun just for my home.

What's on your plate for the week?

Happy quilting!

PS:  Heads up!
September 16 -- National Sew A Jelly Roll Day 


piecefulwendy said…
Yay for the sale of two quilts! You've done well, despite Lucey being on an adventure of her own. I think you definitely have earned a sick day!

maggie fellow said…
the quilts are wonderful - I like the colors and the patterns are just right for them
Oh dear, I am sorry about Lucey! Hope the fix doesn't take too long, and she travels back home again safely. And, of course your two quilts sold right away - they're gorgeous! Love that cute Halloween tabletopper, too - that will be a fun one to make!
Carolyn said…
Thanks for the recipe--I love Cuban food! And, congratulations on the sale of your quilts. That's always a good thing!
Linda said…
Something fallishly fun? Do it, do it, do it! Sorry about Lucey. I can't imagine trying to get my longarm packed up for FEDEX, or did you just hand it off for them to package her up? Anyway, good luck. Sweater Weather is just stunning!! Enjoy your "sick" days!
Anne-Marie said…
Congrats on the quick sales! I'd love to know more about the Lucey issue. And I see you've been changing things up. Nice!
Sorry about the long arm, but everyone needs some down time here and there.
Kate said…
Sorry the long arm needed emergency surgery, but hopefully that means you can really enjoy your "sick day" and not feel too guilty. Love the project that you've picked as your reward for dealing with all the frustration. Congrats on the two quilt sales. Have a great weekend, hopefully we'll all get cooler weather.
Wow, these two quilt are gorgeous, too bad you couldn't keep them for you ;) I hope that Lucey will come back home soon!
The two quilts are just beautiful! Where do you sell them? Someone is going to be sooo happy to have them in their home! I hope Lucey comes home soon.... and thanks for joining in on Monday This and That! xx
Bonnie said…
I feel your pain on Lucey out for a spa week. I hope it is only a week. The bright side of the week was really BRIGHT. Congrats on the sales. And many thanks for the link to the cute fall table topper. Hope this week goes really smoothly for you. (cough, cough...)
You have very beautiful quilts - I really like your simply fall one!
Have fun *being sick??* haha!! Enjoy yourself!!