2021 Tuesday To-Do #23

When we left our super-sewist last week, 
her last words were something along the
lines of, "Kill it." 

A bit dramatic?  I'm not sure I killed it but I think
I got a good amount done.  Hubs and the cadet
went up to Omaha to see the other son and
to take in some College World Series games so
for the better part of three days, I had my own
little sewing retreat.    

I pulled out my little tv and listen-watched John Adams
 while I got my entire Positivity Quilt #1 top put together
and cut out my second.  I admit to dreams of finishing
 the second top but sheesh, where did the time go?

The To-Do's that Got Done:

West Point Quilt(s):  Choose design and pull fabrics
A little done here.  I've found a few designs to consider
including a third plus quilt if it works with the fabrics.
That is kind of the rub with this one:  trying to work
in the West Point prints.  But not sure I'd want to do
three of the same right in a row.  

Positivity QAL
Start piecing; work on post for link-up
Maybe hit fabric store for Poz #2

On Poz #1:  Entire top completed!

Block link up post here.  I've also posted
a couple construction tips here and here.
I have my backing cut but not sewn together.
I keep saying these are prettier in real life but
it's cloudy and rainy so I can't get a good pic.

Poz #2:  All cut out and piecing started.
I'm making due with what I have (no shopping).

I want to get more blocks done before I reveal my
little "extra" on this quilt.  Nothing super-intriguing
but I am liking how pretty it's looking.  As with the
other,  I can't wait to get this into proper lighting!

Gardening:  Buy ladybugs.
Not done (maybe today?).
I've already lost one of my spaghetti squash
plants to vine borers; a zucchini is on its way out.
The irony here is that I think these dumb wasps
are actually eating the squash bug eggs & babies?
Just a thought--I haven't seen any since last week. 

Now for some Fabric Tracking:

To translate and summarize my blurry screen-shot:
Over the last few weeks, I've purchased 13.5 yds
but  I've used up 13.9 yds so I'm hanging in there,
still in the negative.  Killin' it?  Not exactly but,
hey--rock on.

Above, the latest purchases and yard amounts.
Already put the blacks to use in Poz quilt #2. 

Looking ahead:
I have a "July Goals" post coming but basically, it's
the usual Fourth of July celebrating but with an
extra guest--always a good excuse to do what needs
to be done anyway, and that is clean this house.
I've been avoiding it way too long.
I still hope to make a dent in all of these as well: 

West Point Quilt
Finalize & pick fabric

Positivity Quilt #1:
Choose panto, load up on frame; figure out a name.

Positivity Quilt #2
Finish blocks and begin piecing.

Lots of garden work on the to-do's this week.
Outside of weeding the pathways, it's mostly fun
but trying to get to it will be tricky since we've been
getting lots of rain.  (No complaints there!)

Happy Fourth of July and happy quilting!


Linda said…
Wow, your own sewing retreat! Amazing progress on not one but two plus quilts. Looking forward to your little extra!
Love the colorways on both of your positivity quilts. I wish you well with your goals.
Julierose said…
Both Pos quilts are lovely but I really like the black and neutral one a lot...
nice work...hugs, Julierose
piecefulwendy said…
Looks like you enjoyed your little retreat. Looking forward to seeing the next Poz quilt take shape. I still need to get caught up on my blocks; maybe today. I'd say you are keeping up with things pretty well. Glad you are getting rain - we have had some good rain this week too!
grammajudyb said…
You are 'killin it' !! Good progress and I love Poz #1. A new name is in order! :)
Sherrie said…
Great projects to work on. Love your Red
Positivity Quilt...so pretty. Have a great day!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Oh, that's right. By next Tuesday, we will have the 4th in our rearview mirror. Happy 4th to you and your family! I think you did great on your list especially with having two Pos quilts in the works. I would be thrilled if I managed a quilt top this long weekend. Good luck on next week's list and enjoy your company. A good cleaning is on my radar as well. ~smile~ Roseanne
Sharon Kwilter said…
What a good productive week you had. Good job on staying even with your fabric. I don't dare count mine up. I bought WAY TOO MUCH fabric during the pandemic.
Needled Mom said…
You accomplished so much! I’m sure the guys all had a great time too. Love your positivity quilts. The colors and fabrics are great. I’ve been away from my sewing machine too long.
chrisknits said…
I think you are "killing it"! Looks like lots is getting done. Good luck with the next week's list. Happy 4th!