2021 Tuesday To-Do #21

A happy hello to the Tuesday To-Do'ers out
there, to Chris Knits for providing the
link-up and to everyone else.

Firstly, to you email subscribers:  I am sorry for the
double dose!   If you don't see a new email from
Mailchimp along with the old one, check your
junk mail.  If you still don't see it, you might try
subscribing over to the right.  To the best of
my knowledge (for whatever that's worth!), that
should now be switched to Mailchimp too. 
A word from anyone out there that it's working 
would be great since I'll be deleting the old
account in the next 24 hours.  (I am aware I
still have issues to iron out though!)

As we're nearing the half-way mark on 2021, I see
I've had some pretty exciting things going on.  I've had
some finishes, placed first in a quilt contest and made
some rewarding contributions to charities.  I've also
sold three quilts so far this year (proceeds to charity). 
 I keep this behind the scenes for the most part
but the latest one has me just so happy!

I received the kindest message of appreciation
and pics of my West Point Stars being used in
a soldier's home.
(Pics here are mine)
It has gotten the attention of friends/classmates
so he is referring them to me!  It's all a little beyond
words but I am incredibly grateful and so touched to
see my quilt displayed in the home of an Old Grad!

 This was a big moment for this quilt-maker:
to see a real appreciation of what I do!  I sure
struggle with that sometimes so God bless him,
and God bless him for his service!

It would sure be fun to make and give a quilt to
 every US soldier, but that's not exactly realistic so I
will just keep doing what I'm doing.  The proceeds
from this quilt are going back to West Point at least.
So of course making more West Point quilts
is again a priority on the to-do list.
For real this time.  ASAP!
(I just need more hours in the day!)

Alrighty, let's hit the weekly check-in:

Positivity QAL
Finish cutting out both
This has been really fun sewing and I've made a lot
of progress on my first one.  Even though I'm still
slightly questioning my scrappy negative space, I
do love the colors and how this whole project is
taking me out of my mostly-normal quilt zone.
I definitely enjoy getting out occasionally.

As I'm pressing seams, I'm taking the extra step
to press a crease in the center of my plus pieces
and using this to help align them more perfectly.

I just like a little extra assurance that those pieces
will sit exactly across from each other.  It's not a
new technique to most of you but maybe this
might help at least one QAL'er out there?

As for my progress, I am pretty close to finishing
the blocks for this one.  I was going to keep the
dark plus marks to only 5 but I could do 2 more?
This is not my final layout and I have two more
rows to add yet so...thoughts? 

For quilt two, I'm still playing around with my fabrics
for a black/ivory look.  The Les Poulets (by Windham)
collection gave me the inspiration but a lot of it isn't quite
 right--some tones are too cool, others the print too big.  
I have two sets though so pulling a few out of one
shouldn't hurt any future project(s) those go to.

Finish quilting:  Done.
Just needs binding.

HST Runner
Quilt:  Done
Just needs binding.

A side-note:  I'm completely caught up on all
long-arm quilting!   I have a to-bind pile instead.

 Project Re-Do the Front Flower Beds
Lots of work but the first section is done!  YAY!
Unless we get a nice cool spell, the rest will have
to wait till fall but I love how it's looking so far.
No pics right now.

Out in the veggie garden, I've called an end to
asparagus season and the strawberries are done.

Still getting lettuces/spinach and radishes; now
picking zucchini, yellow squash, cabbage, potatoes
 and beets.  The green beans will be ready any time.
There are lots of tomatoes on and the peppers
are blooming.  

My upcoming week looks to be above-average on
the activity level (appointments, housework, etc)
and my to-do list here is fairly aggressive but
maybe I can somehow make it all work.

West Point Quilt(s):  Choose design and pull fabrics

Positivity QAL:   Finish blocks; arrange on wall
Finalize other fabric selection and cut

HST Runner:  Finish (bind)

Placemats:  Finish (bind)

Patriotic runner:  
For entry table
Might just be a simple quilt-as-you-go.

Gardening:   Prep for fall crops--yes, already!

Good luck to you all this week.
Stay cool and sew lots!
Happy quilting!


chrisknits said…
Looks like you have a lot on your plate, but how wonderful to know all your efforts are blessing someone!! Good luck with you weekly goals! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!
piecefulwendy said…
You won first place in a quilt contest??!! Congrats! I'm not sure whether this post came through MailChimp or not, so I'll see if I can find out and let you know. Very cool seeing your West Point quilt in those photos, and how great that word is getting around to others! You really keep things hopping over there!
Linda said…
That West Point quilt is beyond gorgeous. So glad you got to see how much it is appreciated. Love your plus quilt too, and thank you for the alignment tip! What contest did you win 1st place in?
Vicki in MN said…
Congrats on the sales!! That is a very cool thing that is happening in your quilting world. I totally get how you feel about not feeling appreciated as a quilter a lot of the time. I feel the love when an Etsy customer leaves me a special message, we all need to feel that way and it doesn't always happen. I hope it continues for you!
That is great that your West Point quilts are getting some notice, Cheree! I love how your plus blocks are looking and thanks for the heads up on how to line the pieces up. I'll plan on doing that, too! Your garden is so impressive - glad you're already harvesting so much!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! My first comment didn't go through, so this second attempt won't be nearly as long or witty. HAHA! I knew once word got out about your WP quilts it would spread like wildfire. It is just the perfect quilt, and if you were a non-quilting family member, wouldn't you want one to give to your cadet?!! I was thinking that the Positivity layout might look good using WP fabrics. And thanks for the tip about lining up the plus pieces. I never would have thought to do that, but you can bet that I'll give it a try when I get to make my first block this weekend. Thank you! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Ivani said…
Gorgeous quilt, and beautiful plus blocks, Cheree!
Great quilts. Congrats. Of course they would love that quilt (lovely and with special meaning).
R's Rue said…
Congratulations. Your quilts are beautiful and meaningful. What a blessing. Have a great day.