Another Quick Positivity Construction Tip

 Popping in on a gloriously green summer Saturday
(glorious = we got lots of rain!)
to share a quick tip that might help those
 positivity blocks go together.  Most of you have
likely done something along these lines already
but, as I always say, if I can help one quilter....

It's all in the pressing.  This is a little hard to
explain and I think you'll get it better by just
looking at my picture but it's something like this:

On every rectangle section of the block,
I pressed my seams in; on every "square"
part of the block I pressed out.

Then, when putting all blocks together,
I just alternated my blocks.  

Yes, it would look lovely to have them all going
the same direction, but I find that achieving
perfect points/intersections is more important
and, as long as you've created a pattern of
"every other one," I think the look is still great.
Getting my rows together was a breeze without
having to pin--I hate pinning my rows!

I'm super-caffeinated right now so
I hope this makes sense!

Happy Saturday sewing!


Julierose said…
Love the brown crosses...very pretty with the neutrals...
hugs, Julierose
Astrid said…
Love your brown/beige blocks, perfect together. Pressing is almost always an issue and your tutorial makes sense.
Linda said…
Good tip! I think the best patterns, and the ones that I appreciate the most, are the ones that have pressing details included, because I can't see far enough ahead to make sure the seams nest. ;)
Julie in GA said…
That's exactly how I have been pressing my blocks too! I haven't joined any blocks together yet, but I know they will nest perfectly.