Positivity QAL Block Link-Up

Hello positively propitious quilters!
(I had to.) 
Today I'm linking up to Sew Preeti Quilts
share my block progress for the Positivity QAL.
If you are a visitor from the link, welcome!
Thanks for stopping by!

I'm just going to say up front that when the
"plus" quilt look first came out, I wasn't big on it.
I do enjoy watching the styles but I'm a traditional
kinda girl and I prefer to keep my home and other
surroundings in more of the classic-timeless decor.
Side note:  I don't really like like decorating.
 It takes up way too much time--for me, better
spent in the sewing room.  All that shopping,
trying things out, returning what doesn't work,
never mind that it always seems like pointless
clutter.   In my perfect world, my decor would be
only from gifts, travels or inherited things so that
it would all have stories and meaning behind it.

But anyhoo, even though I'm generally a Kim Diehl
fabric kind of quilter, I don't mind playing around
with various styles and fabrics because it's kind
of fun to expand my quilter's brain. 
There is something about the plus block that is
clean and crisp, and playing with the negative
space a little would bring some variation.  And
let's face it, there's always something about a QAL.

So, I jumped in on this one, but I wanted to see
what mix of modern and traditional I could get
away with.  I wasn't sure about my scrappy
background--and I'm still not but I don't seem
to care because I like it anyway.  Same goes
for the entire mix of fabrics.  I usually don't like to
mix them but I insisted on sticking to my stash.
This quilt, like my stash, has mostly traditional
fabrics with a few modern ones thrown in. 

Again, I'm not too sure about that mix but,
and again, I kind of don't care because I like it.
Even though it bends the rules.
I would love some very honest opinions here.
In your mind, does it work?  Just okay?
Great?  Nope, not at all?
Don't worry--you won't hurt my feelings!

To date, I actually have this entire quilt top finished
but I'm waiting to post a full pic till Tuesday when we
check in with our to-do's--unless you caught it on
my Instagram.  

This may come late to the table for you but if you
have not gotten those blocks together yet, I have
a couple tips that I found help the construction go
very smoothly--something I'm all about.

those blocks up together easily.  And, even better,
when you've go to put your rows together, they all
can line up (sandwich) 
perfectly without any pinning. 
I don't like to pin!

What always amuses me about quilting is that
--at least for me--
there is nothing like making a block to generate
some fondness for the thing, even though in
all your years of quilting and, even more so, in
the years before (if there were any), you might
have even despised that block. 

I have early memories of hideous Dresdens
out of the 60's and 70's so I never thought I'd
make one but a few years ago I did one up in
know it?  I now absolutely love the things!  Have
you seen how Me & My Sister Designs put their own
little twist on it?  I snatched up the little template
and pattern so I'll be making that soon.
(I don't get kick-backs--just sharing links!)

I can't say I love the plus look but I like it well
enough and I've certainly had a lot of fun
with it so I'm making another one!

These are much brighter & cheerier than this
picture shows.  Next time I show these, I'll make
 sure to get better lighting on them--sigh.
This one will be even more traditional but, that's
just me putting....uh....well, putting me into it.
And isn't that what we're all about here?

I'm off to go check out how everyone else
put their me into their blocks.

Happy positivity quilting!


Linda said…
I am a plus quilt gal, but this QAL was not for me. However, I LOVE your scrappy background! I made a plus quilt a few years ago, and although I gave it away, I still love it and intend to make another some day. I am going to read your tips and save them for when I do!
I love your scrappy backgrounds and am trying a similar design but with the red pluses. I've been using your pressing tip and it works great!
Joyful Quilter said…
You quilt looks great, I like the pop the darker fabrics give.
Julie in GA said…
Like you, I never much cared for plus quilts, but I'm having a great time with this one. I love your quilt with the all scrappy background. It is a perfect blend of modern and traditional!
JanineMarie said…
I think of quilts as having two ways to look at them from far--where details become indistinct--and close up, where you can look at each little detail. Your quilt works both ways. Traditional or modern doesn't matter looking from afar, and think of the enjoyment someone will get in looking at the various patterns when the quilt is on the owner's lap. It's wonderful! (and times two!)
piecefulwendy said…
You know I'm liking your version! Your colors actually work better with what decor I do have than my brights - LOL. Thanks for the tip on the pressing!
Mary said…
Hi Cherie. I really like your Positivity project with its mix of traditional and modern fabrics from your stash. I enjoyed reading this blog post. You have a nice, conversational style. Take care, Mary.
Ivani said…
I love your quilt and your tips about pressing, I did it that way but I was unsure if that was what I was supposed to do. Thanks so much for helping.
I really like the colors you have chosen - all of those great background colors are so great together
chrisknits said…
I am not a plus fan, but I think your background is perfect!
Scrappy stash quilt in brown and neutrals? LOVE it, Cheree!!! If I knew where you lived, I would want to rip it out of your hot little hands and take it home for my very own.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! That is funny because I wasn't really into the plus block a few short years ago when they seemed to be all the rage. Yet, at that time I did a QAL and made TWO plus quilts (one, I went nuts and quilted a different motif in each plus symbol). Here we are again, and I believe there may be two plus quilts in my very near future. Here's my honest opinion about mix of fabric. I love it! I have a hard time doing it myself but I really LOVE the look of it. From a distance, it looks like you've planned it out - to space out the shadows and the one dark block for each row except one. I am NOT Kim Diehl/traditional fabric kind of gal - yet, I do love the colors you've chosen. So, I think the more you put YOU into each project, the better it is. Because it has heart and that comes through. Just my rather long two cents. ~smile~ Roseanne
Bernie Kringel said…
Cheree, you have done a lovely job of mixing fabrics. I think your background fabric is perfect. I love traditional fabrics used in non-traditional blocks. It works well - your colors make me think of cinnamon and autumn. With the heat we are enduring so early in the season, I am longing for cooler weather and the fall season. Maybe that is partly why I am drawn to your project.