Tuesday To Do #6: Gettin' Scrappy With It

Hullo Tuesday.
Here we are again linking up to report our progress:

* * * Week 5 Priority * * *
1) Choose and start new quilt:  Done.

There is just no better time for gettin' scrappy with it
than at the start of a new year.  If you missed my

I found "Star Toss" in The Big Book of Favorite Scrap Quilts by
   Martingale.  It's really just your basic stars but I find this one
so inspiring.  I've had it pinned for years and now it's time.

These are only 4" finished but I'm having plenty of fun
making them, especially while listening to books.

The original only measures 40X50 so I'm adding one row
and one column.  I'm also considering inserting a border
before the flying geese go on but I'm not sure just what
that would be yet.  Pieced border action isn't something
I do a lot of, although I do like it.

2) Get pics of Flannel Woods


3) Post OMGoal finish for January and goal for February
Finished quilt post here and February Goal post here.

4) Plan charity quilting time:  Done.
I decided to time it with Hub's men's group since those
are "longer" days for me (no dinner prep or tv watching).
Plus, following someone else's schedule should (in theory!)
prevent me from trying to move it to another day.  I also
decided to use the same one or two patterns for all.

(So not my colors!  It's like the 80's all over again!)

The guys meet about twice a month which I feel works
just fine.   Yesterday, the first Charity Quilt Evening, I settled
on two patterns and cut out the first quilt.  At this pace,
I should easily be done with them by this summer.  Yee haw.

And now for that awesome read:
First, a disclaimer:  there's always a chance that when listening
to a book, a narrator (in this case, two) can make or break a story.

One of the narrators in this one sounded like Antonio Banderas
 which made it sound very authentic, and quite pleasant.  (LOL)
But I do think The Murmur of Bees (free on Kindle Unlimited) is
exceptional.  There were some key moments that left the
writer-wanna-be in me sighing.  Her insight combined
with her writing style...beautiful.
 (Don't get me wrong--it's not a story of sunshine and roses!)

Okay moving on to next week's goals:

* * * Week 6 Priority * * *
1) Keep going with Stars
I'm going to try to finish all 80 stars. 

Wow...I guess that's it for the week?   Hmm, lemme think...

2) Recommit to decluttering
I continue to make weekly charity drops, sometimes more.
But with quilting ramping back up, I'm feeling less interested.
Maybe I should map out a plan like I have for charity quilting.

And while we're recommitting to things, let's add another:

3) Get back on the treadmill
I figured vacay would mess me up but not this bad!
So today I'm recommitting to just 15 mins/day but I'll
likely increase it pretty quickly.  I just need to start.

Oh, hey!  How could I forget this one!?

4) Make Super Bowl food for the fam & watch the Chiefs win!
I've been giving some thought to going to the parade in KC
but alas, it would be on Ash Wednesday.  There's also the
prediction that about 1 million people will attend so
I guess I'll pass and just watch on tv.  And save myself
a whole day for quilting!

Happy scrappy quilting!

PS Still having a big delay with comments so I've changed
things up a bit for now.  Hopefully spammers won't find me!


chrisknits said…
Love those scrappy stars! I never thought I was such a scrappy person, but I think I am now committed, or need to be committed!! LOL.
always good to grab 15 minutes here and there on the treadmill and you will build back up before you know it.
Kate said…
Love those scrappy stars! Congrats on all your progress. I hear you about the loss of your fitness routine and the need to get back to the treadmill. We had nice weather for a few days last week and this week is mostly going to be good, so I've had to get back into my walking routine, which means picking up the camera cause I'm not going otherwise. Good luck with this week's to do list.
piecefulwendy said…
Will be fun to see all those scrappy stars in a quilt. Antonio Banderas - well. 'Nuff said. LOL. Thanks for the book recommendation - I'll have to check that out.
Home Sewn By Us said…
YES to a Chiefs win. And only 4" star blocks. You are a better person than me. While I would have it Pinned for years, it would never make it to the real consideration pile or into action. Kudos to you. I know it will be a winner. Flannel Woods looks so pretty and your pics are fab. Your 80s throwback (my color palette, by the way) looks fabulously fun as a charity quilt. I am drawn to the cool purple fabric! Carry on. Your sewing plan makes a lot of sense for the week as does your return to walking the walk. {{Hugs}} a bunch! ~smile~ Roseanne
Linda said…
If I haven't expressed it before, I LOVE Flannel Woods, just so easy on the eyes. I enjoyed your gettin' jiggy, er, um scrappy with it post! Star Toss is so pretty! And with a million flying geese, can't wait to see if you do a border or not. That book sounds like one I need to add to my Kindle app library.
time4stitchn said…
Love your quilting style with the traditional patterns and muted colors. I guess because it what I love most. And I think the Superbowl will be an exciting game. I haven't decided on food: I usually do a soup in the crockpot. And the book sounds amazing. I just read The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell.
Love your Flannel Woods quilt, it's just gorgeous! Your scrappy quilt is going to be lovely too.. xx