January Goal Finished: Flannel Woods

Today I'm linking up to Stories From the Sewing Room's
 One Monthly Goal January finishes to share my latest.

With UFO's at the top of my list I wanted to make a second
version of a quilt I made last summer--one that left me with
a lot of Woolies scraps.  I'm really growing to love that fabric!

"Flannel Woods" 60x63.

I shared this in my earlier post but I'd like to get opinions here too:

I made notes of the mistakes in this pattern when I made the
first quilt...except the missing 1/4" allowance on the side triangles.
  It didn't seem right when I was cutting them out this time;
I should have gone with my gut feeling but I was rushing. 
 SO, if you zoom in, the bottom point of all 4 outer trees is cut off.

But it's consistent.  Every tree on the edge ends that way so does
it really look wrong?  I'd really like opinions here, and please be
picky because it's for my shop and needs to look good.
 (I could always just gift it next Christmas?)

I did buy a couple yards of gray to patch up the back but
now I have scraps from both quilts so I may just knock
out a basic 5" squares quilt or something similar.  These
flannels are too yummy to let sit in the cabinet!

I'll see you in a few days with my goal for February.
I've been cleaning and tidying up the studio so
I'm feeling inspired to get scrappy.
Until then, happy quilting!


Kate said…
Congratulations on meeting your January goal. Looking forward to what's up for February.
piecefulwendy said…
Great job meeting your goal! I'm liking that quilt, even with the nicked corners (works for me!).
Chrisknits said…
Yay "fir" making your goal!!! I love it, it's perfect.
I love this one - it is so pretty
congrats on getting it finished!!