February's Monthly Goal: Sew Let It Be Written

Today I'm linking up to Stories From the Sewing Room's
 One Monthly Goal to share my newest project.

It took me three days to commit to this one, understandably.
Having just cleaned and organized my studio I've been feeling
the pull to do something scrappy.  I have this on my 2024 list but
was I really feeling up for all of that cutting, the mess, those tiny
pieces--ALL of those tiny pieces!?   I tried to find something else
but I kept coming back to this one.  Well, it's been on my quilt
bucket list for years and when the interest doesn't wane, you
just know it's going to get made someday so...why not today?
Sew let it be written, sew let it be done.  (Name that movie!)
(Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!  Same actor, different movie!)

I may be into my second half of life but I'm still learning.  I have
finally realized that this is actually a perfect time of the year for
all of those pieces because I'm not feeling the pressure of an
upcoming holiday season (yet).  Enter hours of zoned-out digging
through scraps and cutting, cutting, cutting while listening first
to music, then a book and later a podcast.  Cutting is my favorite
part, btw, and seeing those scraps get use up was very satisfying.
Watching my trash can fill up with snibbles?  Also satisfying.
In all, I've been having a most therapeutic time!  In fact, I think it
it should be repeated yearly basis so I've decided that January and
February shall be dubbed Scrap Days, or maybe Scrap Retreat Time?
 It's timed perfectly for using up pieces from the previous year and
seems to do wonders mentally after a busy holiday season. 
Once again:
Sew let it be written, sew let it be done.

The original quilt isn't very big so I'm adding more blocks.
I didn't bother with the math; I just estimated how much more I'll
need.  I now have about 2400 pieces--about half of which are 1.5"
squares--and everything from scraps so it was some slow-going.
This is why I deliberated for three days.  And why it took me
another three to cut all of this out.
Just having some good ol' quilty fun over here.

So my goal for February is to completely finish it.
If only I could conjure up few blizzards to kick this
snow-loving quilter into high gear.  Still, I think I got this.

Happy scrappy February quilting!


Kate said…
It is a nice feeling to use up scraps, you definitely have a pile waiting to be stitched together. Good luck!
Linda said…
As soon as I saw your title I could hear Yul Brynner saying it - The Ten Commandments? I must have missed the name of your quilt? Is it the one shown in that book? Is that County Seat Quilts? Questions, questions - :D
Chrisknits said…
The Ten Commandments!! It should be coming up here soon. I can just hear Yul's voice saying et cetera, LOL. I just finished putting 84 Flying Geese around my SAHRR, I can't imagine as many as you need for that border!!
Anne-Marie said…
I love cutting the fabric too. Good luck with your goal. I'll be anxiously awaiting seeing the finished project. :)
piecefulwendy said…
I'm old enough that I can't hear "et cetera" without thinking of Yul. Haha! And you are clearly gonna be dancing with that quilt soon (see what I did there??)! 2400 pieces - oy! You go!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I can just hear Yul Brunner's voice saying, et cetera, et cetera and So let it be written. Great quote! Oh, you've sew got this. With a little break for the Super Bowl festivities. Not only am I hoping the Chiefs win but I would love them to break the Patriot's number of SB wins. Take TB down a few pegs - those cheaters. And SF took out both Detroit and the Packers so no way I'm cheering for them. HAHA! Good luck with your goal but you don't need luck . . . because you've got this! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne