20 January 2012

The Scraps Are Always Greener (Rated R: For Violence)

I'm sorry but today's post will be R-Rated.
Lots of violence going on in my sewing room.
You may not want to see what I'm about to show.
It's not for the faint of heart.
If you are a quilter, this could really hurt.

"I...I'd just had enough, you know?"
(Insert the dramatic reality show interview here.  Tears, the works.)
"The scraps--they're always "greener" on everyone
else's blogs!  They all look so fun and cheery!
Mine are from when I was just starting out.
They depress me!
I'd never even been to a quilt shop back then!"

Years of scraps.

All gone in one swoop. 

The evidence thrust--no! Crammed mercilessly
 into this over-sized shopping bag.

(Well, almost.  I pulled out some newer ones and a few for the
the star blocks, etc.  And they'll all be gone, soon, too!
I promise!   I could fit this in a lunch sack!)

But you know what?  It felt REALLY great.
"The occasion for the struggle is the
occasion for the victory!"
 --Fr. Jean d'Elbee

And now maybe my scraps can make someone
else happy.

And I still have my coins.
Actually, I sewed those 3" ones on the left into strips.
Okay, it's going to get hard to watch again, here...

Here is a portion of the Ugly Coin strips from the 
Ugly Scraps That Made It laying on this sage
green thrift-shop find.  Decent quilt fabric but it's
old and faded, especially at the creases--I think I
can cut around most of that.  So tell me, how
horrible would it be to put this all together? 
As far as a "sagey green" goes, it's pretty neutral. 
Not so hot...but this is for practice and will either
be donated or used as a picnic blanket. 

You understand, now, why it was after looking 
at this possibility that I lay in bed last night and
made the decision to kill the scraps.  For good. 
Life is too short.  I'm starting over.  With new ones.
Pretty ones.  That are fun to work with!
It will be a joy to make quilts again!
And I will be proud to display them on
my posts again!
Hail, the conquering hero!
--from lots of things
Ding, dong, the scraps are dead!
--The Munchkins
--Mel Gibson aka William Wallace


Cathy said...

Way to go! I must confess to having done this before with old icky fabric that people think I can use etc. Blech. You must feel lighter!

Denise said...

Yes folks she has finally lost it LOL. I'm going to do the same thing with my crafts - yes all of them! If I havent looked at it in years why should I store them anymore? I'll let someone else store them, yes that is just what I will do...sometime...when I have time to do it...sigh

The Nifty Stitcher said...

I thought your scraps looked good but if you are not happy Cheree .... I'm sure shopping for new fabrics will make you really happy lol!!!.xx

Katy Cameron said...

Lol, way to banish the scraps! As it's just for practice, I'd just bung those coin stacks all together, then you can get an overall impression (perhaps while shading your eyes from the offensive fabric ;o) )

Angela said...

I honestly really admire you for doing this, I have not had the courage...yet!

But I have a question - WHERE did you dispose of the bag of scraps?
It feels wasteful to throw them in the wheelie bin.
Furthermore, where can I get rid of the LARGE pieces of fabric which well meaning friends have given me?

Until I get a good answer they are just in a collection of plastic boxes in the loft.

PLEASE someone out there make a suggestion!

thank you

Debbie said...

Good for you....for figuring out what was weighing you down, and then doing what needed to be done. The world will not end because you tossed out the scraps.
But you are wrong about the ugly coins....they are great just not on the sage green. So pick something else for the front---darker green will be much better --and put the sage on the back. And no one will be the wiser!
Now go enjoy your extra space and freedom!

annemarie said...

You are so funny - now did you really toss the scraps?? I have a hard time getting rid of scraps - I always feel I can do something with them or maybe someone else would want them. I have seen bloggers give their scraps away as a giveaway! Love the stacked coins - will make a pretty quilt.

Kathleen said...

Cheree, I started quilting about 15 years ago and then stopped until a year ago. I hate to say it but my fabric stash is so old I feel like doing the same thing. I did just pull out a bunch of homespun fabric and I am going to try to make something new and exciting with my old fabric. We will see! :)

Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

Sometimes, simply cleaning it out and getting rid of it (whatever "it" might be) is the best solution of all.

Shocking Hocking said...

oh that's funny - i've got fat quarters in my stash from the 1800's, i swear!!...and they're very ugly - need to have a big sort out like you have

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