Tuesday To-Do #30: Why Knot?

A lovely September-morning-hello to you!
Fall is just a couple calendar blocks away so I'm in my
"quilt everything" mode, and I know many of you out
there are the same.  If you're not...well, why knot?
Make a list, post it and join all of us to-do'ers at
 We'll encourage you to get things done!

In my three rounds of golf this weekend, I couldn't help
but notice the squirrels all in a panic.  I'd like to think
it's a sign of an early winter
[Ha!--we set a record high yesterday]
but I'm sure it's pretty normal for them to ramp up
their activity about now.  Either way, I can
completely relate to those panicky little critters!

I have my next few quilts planned but after putting our
fall quilt on our bed and seeing it constantly, I now feel
I just have to make another garlic knot quilt.

This garlic knot quilt was inspired by Debbie of
Stitchin' Therapy.  God bless her.  Did any of you
know Debbie?   She encouraged me to make this
one and I think she was proud of my finish!

I love it even more than when I made it a few years ago.
Every time I walk into our room, the fall feels hit me.

Sometimes I wish I didn't even have to sleep!  But gone are
the days when I could stay up into the wee hours sewing.
Somehow I'm going to have to find some extra time in my
days I think because there are already too many quilts
on my list and now I'm adding a garlic knot squirrel!!  

But let's back up and see what I got done last week.
It was pretty productive so 

1) Finish quilting West Point Stars 2

2) Quilt West Point Stars 3


3) Get pics of and create listings for all three quilts
Partly done.
I've started on the listings and snapped a few pics but
I'm waiting on weather and lighting to finish.  It has
been frustratingly furnace-blast-hot and windy.

4) Keep working on Snow Day


There are quite a few low-volume fabrics in this
fabric collection.  On a quilt with snow as the theme,
I like the idea of lighter fabrics but I might be
 crossing my fingers on some of these.

As with the last time I made this quilt, I decided to keep
the trimmings from the flying geese.  I really don't need
more HSTs but there are so many I just couldn't resist!

5) Finish Upcoming Projects Post

Posted here yesterday.  You might find some inspiration
and maybe a quilt (or two?) you want to make yourself
so please check that one out if you missed it.

Next week:
1) Keep working on Snow Day

2) Start pulling fabrics for Why Knot?
Can't wait!

3) Make four pillows (8") from embroidery projects
A request from a friend and a surprise for her
daughter so no pics can be posted for now.

4) Finish those pics and listings.
We have at least a few cooler days ahead and this
is a priority.  It has to be done in the next few days. 

It's a pretty open week so I think squeezing in a nutty
amount of quilting seems doable--unless I'm on the
golf course with those other squirrels.
I'll check back in with you all back next Tuesday! 

Happy quilting!


Ivani said…
Your garlic knot quilt is beautiful, Cheree. Glad to hear another one is on your list.
Years ago I made a garlic knot tablerunner for donation, it was drawn in a raffle to raise money for Love Quilts Brasil and it was very successful.
Have fun with your new list for this week.
Carolyn said…
You’ve had a very productive week. And, I love the garlic knots quilt. I noticed you quilted it with a pumpkin design which really adds to the fall vibe.
grammajudyb said…
I love fall colors also!! Your Why Knot quilt is gorgeous. I have done a garlic knot quilt in the past. I like the setting you chose. Mine was very scrappy and the squares were closer together. I gifted it to the fiance of our youngest granddaughter, when he finished his college classes. They live in Vermont,he makes good use of it!
Linda said…
Heart Eyes on that Garlic Knot - Why Knot indeed! Your mention of Debbie sent me down a rabbit hole of reading again about her passing and how very fast it was. She is missed for sure. I love reading about your projects because you are so enthused and joyful about them. Enjoy your week and thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!
Your garlic knot quilt definitely gives out the fall vibe! I've got the garlic knot block on my list to make one of these days. Love the Snow Day one, too - how fun to feature those prints in the star centers! We are on our last day of vacation, flying home today and back to the sewing room tomorrow!
piecefulwendy said…
Now I want to make a garlic knot quilt - yours is so pretty, and definitely screams fall! You've had a great week - both with golf and quilting!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Your latest WP quilt turned out just beautiful. Maybe you would be willing to share your photography process with us? I am so challenged in that area. It's a wonder I've ever sold a single quilt. Snow Day!! I adore the flying geese in each corner. That light green star is so cool - as is the darker green's center fabric. What a fun quilt this will be. I'm glad you're back on track with your sewing and quilting (and golf, too). Good luck with this week's list. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne
Kathryn T said…
You have achieved a lot. I love your garlic knot quilt, looks really great on your bed. Sometimes I think we love our quilts the more distance we get from making them.All the best with your plans for Snow Day, look forward to seeing the next steps.
Needled Mom said…
Garlic Knot looks gorgeous on the bed. I can see why you want to start another one. Soon enough there will be no golf and you can spend your days quilting away.
Your Garlic Knot quilt is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your progress on your new one. Have a very lovely week . Happy quilting.
Debbie was such a nice lady. I have a quilt label from her, sitting on my ironing board. You have gotten sew much stitching done. I'll finally get home in October, and hopefully I'll finally get some stitching done then.
chrisknits said…
I hope to have a quilt on my bed that makes me fall in love every time I come into the room!! As of yet I haven't completed anything that large! All lovely items and can't wait to see the next knot.
Peggy Stockwell said…
All of your quilt tops are quite lovely! Look forward to seeing the next version of your knot quilt.
Both quilts are so pretty! Great work! Hugs