19 September 2022

2022 4th Quarter: Project Plans With the Three C's

We're coming up on the busiest quarter of the year, right?
To get all the things done, you just gotta have a plan.

Fall is My Quilt Season--in caps.  I have so many quilts I want
to make right now, but I'm generally a one-quilt-at-a-time
 person so I won't start one and then pop over to another
to get a start on it too, or a specific fabric-fix or whatever.  
But I can plan, and I do.  All. The. Time.
Today I'm getting my Fall Plan down on "digital paper"
not just to share but to stay motivated and on track.  

When my one quilting sister last visited, I began to pair
to-do projects with fabrics in my stash so I got a great
start on making this list.  And on some of these, my
my sister has chosen to join in from across the miles
to make her own versions--keep an eye out for those.
And hey, if you want to join in, we'd love to have you!

I'll start with this one because, well, I've already
started on it.

It's from the pattern "Stars and Pinwheels" 
(MSCQ BLOCK:  Early Winter Vol 4, Is 6)

  I made this one before and I'm feeling it
would be fun to give it another go.

In this collection there are some bigger prints that I
think will show nicely in the center of those stars.
However, I'm taking a bit of a risk with the low-volume
prints.  If I couldn't fit one inside the stars (where it would
be surrounded by dark "legs") I set it aside and filled in
with a few other matching fabrics from my stash.

When using precuts, I really like to see if I can find a
few coordinating backup fabrics.  I don't like being left
with orphan pieces any more than the rest of us but
but you have to do what's best for the quilt--and having
that little extra creative breathing space is nice.

Anyway, I'm a wee bit concerned but mostly hopeful
that a little low-volume in it will be just fine.
Seems to be "the thing" these days anyway.


I pulled this quilt out for fall and I'm more in love with it
than when I made it.  It's a great-scrap buster and you
can just make it any size you want.

Side note:  I need to make a couple shams to go with
this one so if I can find enough of that background
fabric, I'll be doing that at the same time.

I'll likely just make this one a large throw for my Etsy site.


For another good scrap-buster, I want to make this 
"Katie's Quilt" pattern from Block Book Fall Vol 3, Is 5
It will certainly be in fall colors but I want to see if I can
make it more specifically a Thanksgiving theme.
Not sure how that will happen but in general, I kind of
envision those 16-patches as multi-colored corn kernels.

Next, I want to use my "Farmhouse Christmas"
fat quarter set by Riley Blake...

...so I chose this "Ruthie Quilt" pattern:

I may not have everything to make this one
work so the patten choice may change yet.


"Mini Missouri Star Quilt" Block Book 2021 Vol 8, Is 5
I'm not sure if I'll be using a layer cake that I recently
obtained or if I'll make it a stash-buster project.


Oh goodness!  I have lots of favorite patterns but among
all of those, this one has to be at the top!  With all the
patterns out there I never thought I'd make any more than
once but I guess after making so many quilts, I've found
some that are really that fun to make again--like
Stars and Pinwheels above.  But a third time?
Those must be the best of the best!

personal favorites.  Not my usual fall colors?  Brighter
than my norm?  I can't explain but I fell in love with it.
(Doesn't it remind you of dumping your Halloween
haul out on the floor after all that trick-or-treating?)

I couldn't handle not seeing it in my usual fall colors
so I quickly went at it again,  making Autumn Nights.
(This one went to a very happy customer.)

Well now I need to see it in a winter theme!
"Star Patch" is in BLOCK Early Winter 2018 Vol 5, Is 6.
I plan on using my jelly roll of the same Riley Blake
"Farmhouse Christmas" line shown above for the "Ruthie".

My daughter requested a "mostly black with white" quilt
for winter.  I've chosen to make something like this
 simple pieced plaid I have already purchase the backing
(black with large snowflakes/swirls) and I'll be hunting for
other fabrics for this on the shop hop here in a few weeks.

I have a few other "maybes" waiting in the wings but for
now I want to focus on these.  I might be a little crazy,
especially as I have not factored in fall garden clean up,
fall house cleaning, or the fact that Shop Hop is coming up 
AND I'll also be travelling again in October.  There's also
time out for golf.   And let's not forget the holidays!

Gracious, I'd best get busy!

Together, Coffee, Chloe and I have got this!
(The Three C's???)

Do you have a fall plan yet?

Happy quilting!


Michele McLaughlin said...

I love your project list!!! I just ordered that Katie's quilt pattern because I fell in love with that! Thanks so much! Have a great day and good luck hitting all your goals!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness! I love all the quilts you want to make. I really love the Snow Day fabrics and patterns. I don't have any plans yet but I will finally get my Indian Corn quilt quilted. It has been waiting since last fall when I ran out of thread - lol!

Needled Mom said...

That's a busy fall! It all looks like fun. I'm looking forward to following your progress.

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